Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cheeseburger @ Red Beef

Hello burger lovers,

A colleague of mine told me that a new burger place opened it's doors in Cloche d'Or Gasperich, Luxembourg. It's called Red Beef, and it serves mostly, as the name implies, beef. The restaurant is located in between many offices, not far from PWC and is only open during weekdays' lunchbreaks. The interior of the restaurant is stylish, and adapted to office workers. 

Among a small selection of burgers I ordered their cheeseburger, 200gr for 13.30€ with fries.


While receiving the burger, I was a bit surprised to see a completely different bun compared to those that I've had during my entire quest. They were made from Italian focaccia bread. They were nicely shaped, and fit perfectly to the rest of the burger. The cheese was nicley melted around the beef patty, and had a nice taste. Unfortunately, the 200gr beef patty had not much taste as it seemed not to be seasoned, but it was fresh beef. Luckily the bun had a great taste which was overpowering the rest of the burger. There was no salad nor tomatoes on this burger, but it was served separately on the plate, and you can just top your burger with it. The cocktail-ish burger sauce seemed pretty nice to me, no complaints here. The frozen fries on the other hand weren't anything special. Mine came pale and cold. 

The main feature of this burger is the focaccia bun. I am not quite sure if it is the right bun for a burger as I prefer a more classic way of preparing a burger. Nevertheless I liked it, and you should at least try it yourself.

I can recommend Red Beef! Therefore the weighted rating is 7.00


Red Beef 
12d, rue Guillaume Kroll
1882 Gasperich-Luxembourg
Tel.: 27 49 59 10

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