Saturday, 30 March 2013

Cheeseburger @ Red Beef

Hello burger lovers,

A colleague of mine told me that a new burger place opened it's doors in Cloche d'Or Gasperich, Luxembourg. It's called Red Beef, and it serves mostly, as the name implies, beef. The restaurant is located in between many offices, not far from PWC and is only open during weekdays' lunchbreaks. The interior of the restaurant is stylish, and adapted to office workers. 

Among a small selection of burgers I ordered their cheeseburger, 200gr for 13.30€ with fries.


While receiving the burger, I was a bit surprised to see a completely different bun compared to those that I've had during my entire quest. They were made from Italian focaccia bread. They were nicely shaped, and fit perfectly to the rest of the burger. The cheese was nicley melted around the beef patty, and had a nice taste. Unfortunately, the 200gr beef patty had not much taste as it seemed not to be seasoned, but it was fresh beef. Luckily the bun had a great taste which was overpowering the rest of the burger. There was no salad nor tomatoes on this burger, but it was served separately on the plate, and you can just top your burger with it. The cocktail-ish burger sauce seemed pretty nice to me, no complaints here. The frozen fries on the other hand weren't anything special. Mine came pale and cold. 

The main feature of this burger is the focaccia bun. I am not quite sure if it is the right bun for a burger as I prefer a more classic way of preparing a burger. Nevertheless I liked it, and you should at least try it yourself.

I can recommend Red Beef! Therefore the weighted rating is 7.00


Red Beef 
12d, rue Guillaume Kroll
1882 Gasperich-Luxembourg
Tel.: 27 49 59 10

Monday, 11 March 2013

Double Cheeseburger @ Upton Park

Hello burger lovers,

Actually I wanted to try Urban Belval, since I've never done the comparison between Urban City and Urban Belval, but on concert nights (Rockhal: Two Door Cinema Club) the bar is simply too busy, which will obviously impact the quality of the food or at least the preparation. But no worries Urban Belval: You can't escape my ratings forever ;)

Just next to Urban, inside the Belval Plaza, I spotted a different burger place. It's called Upton Park, supposingly named after a London area which is a synonym for the well known home ground of the football team West Ham United. Anyway this sounded nice to me and I decided to try it right away. I was a bit surprised that nobody ever suggested this place to me, maybe Belval Plaza is even less visited than I thought.

The restaurant looked nice. It had a modern interior, with orange plastic chairs and dark tables. Unfortunately we were sitting just next to the open front door, I realized too late that there were also chairs and tables outside, hence the traffic in my back.

Among a a wide offer of different burgers, I decided to order a Double Cheeseburger with bacon and fries for 10 €.


The first bummer was when the waitress asked me if I wanted Andalouse, Ketchup, Mayonaise or Barbecue sauce on my burger. I knew right away that nothing was homemade, that's why I chose a combo of Mayonaise and Ketchup. Luckily I didn't choose the Bbq sauce, which I had the pleasure of tasting afterwards... just don't ever try it.

The presentation of the burger was a bit disappointing. Too many fries were just smashed on the plate, and the burger had the cheap soft sweet buns. The cheese wasn't even melted and you could see which cheese they used, I could even tell you the brand and the price.

Tastewise I wasn't surprised. The buns were just sweet, the tomato and lettuce had nearly no taste (too watery) and the bacon wasn't crisp at all. The fries were too big, cold and slobby. There was no salt on them and they weren't tasty. I think I just ate 3 or 4 of them. The beef was my personal nightmare. It had a terrible taste, (of course I had to order a double one), and I could barely eat it. I am doubting the freshness of the meat, but even when frozen, I cannot explain this taste. 

This was the worst burger I had in my entire quest. I felt disgusted by the people on the table next to me who seemed to enjoy the burger. 

The weighted rating is 3.77


Upton Park
Centre Belval Plaza
7, Avenue Rock and Roll
4361 Esch-s-Alzette
Tlé.: 26 57 33 55

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hello burger lovers,

Please enjoy Luxuriant's article about my burger quest. The article is in French and in Luxembourgish. My thanks to Johann, Sebastien and Anna (and Simon ;) )


Friday, 8 March 2013

Cheese Bacon Burger @ Bistro Borderline by Bootik Hotel

Hello burger lovers,

There we go for my first review in 2013.

I've been contacted by a fellow burger lover to test a quite new restaurant just opposite the railway station in Luxembourg. The restaurant is called Bistro Borderline, and is part of the newly refurbished Bootik Hotel. The pictures and critics on were positive, so was I.

The restaurant has a positive vibe, I really liked the interior, their new clean design aswell as their open kitchen in the corner. The menu looked nice aswell, newspaper style, but more importantly the dishes all sounded worth a try. As I was on my burger mission, I ordered their burger.  The Cheese Bacon Burger, medium rare with fries for 15€. 


When the burger arrived I was both surprised that the presentation was very nice (tomato on top) and disapointed that they used the standard hamburger buns. The fries were no highlight as their cut was too big, but I've had worse. The toppings were good, pickles and tomato (no lettuce) were fresh and their homemade burger sauce (cocktail-ish) was really tasty. The roasted onions were not bad at all and the bacon was crisp and savory aswell. The cheese was nicely melt around the 200gr beef patty. Speaking of the beef, it was great, it was fresh, it was tasty and it was cooked to perfection. Honestly, I was surprised. The downside, my buns were soaked and I had to finish my burger with fork and knife (which is a no-go by the way).

Regarding the quantity, the quality of the fries and buns and considering the competition on the burger market  I think that the Cheese Bacon Burger might be a bit too expensive. As it is linked to a hotel, I can understand their prices, but on the other hand it will be difficult to attract locals or working people from the neighborhood. Nevertheless the beef was tasty and of a high quality, plus their burger sauce made this burger kind of special.

I can recommend it!
The weighted rating is 7.03


Bootik Hotel - Bistro Borderline
4, rue Joseph Junck
1839 Luxembourg Gare
Tél.: 27 49 93 1

Sunday, 3 March 2013

The quest for the best burger 2013

Hello burger lovers, 

Good news for people who love bad news... ehm no, I think this might actually be good news.

In the following days I will relaunch the burger quest. So there is definetely going to be a 2013 edition.

Please send me you burger suggestions, adresses or any other inputs regarding burgers in Luxembourg. If you spot a new burger joint, or if you love a burger which I haven't rated yet, feel free to send it via my FB page.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned,

And the winner is...

Hello burger lovers,

it's about time to sum up the 2012 burger quest:

- Best Burger in Luxembourg - Big Lou @ Lou's Diner, Consdorf 

- Best Burger in Luxembourg-City - Classic Burger @ Urban Bar, Lux. 
- Best Dining spot - Mama Loves You
- Fitness Burger - INDEPENDENT Café

'Lou's Diner', 'Urban Bar' and 'Mama Loves You' have 2 burgers in the Top 10. 'Independent's' and 'Café Belair' both have 2 burgers in the Top 15. Obviously these restaurants are my favourites.

Feel free to check out the current ratings under the rating section.

Congratulations to the winners and all the participants.

Yours truly,