Sunday, 14 July 2013

Southwestern @ Bagels & Burgers

Hello burger lovers,

I've decided to grant a second chance to Bagels & Burgers. If you need more information about this burger joint, just take a look about my previous review.

This time I ordered the Southwestern Burger with their country potatoes (still no fries) for 9.6€.


After a short wait my burger was served. The Southwestern burger had lettuce, tomatoes, onions and bacon as toppings. I had no doubts about the freshness of the vegetables, but the bacon was too sloppy and not crisp at all. The beef patty had a relatively good taste but I am sure it was frozen. Nevertheless it was seasoned well, and one of the highlights of the burger was that it came medium rare. Both of the sauces weren't my taste, there was the french mustard and the hot sauce which wasn't hot at all. I didn't like the country potatoes that much. They didn't look fresh and were not my taste. For the buns I simply want to quote myself: The buns looked good, but they were the same fluffy ones as usual, and they were not even toasted! As you know, for me that's a no-go!

Exactly one year after my last review about Bagels & Burgers I still have the same conclusion. There is much potential, but they simply don't use it. The restaurant should offer more sauces, and they should also replace their buns. The price and the choice is fair, but their burger stays an average burger.

For this one, I give them 6.35.


Bagels & Burgers

12-14 Boulevard d'Avranches
1160 Luxembourg
Tel.: 26 29 65 26