It all started with the simple idea of finding the best possible burger in Luxembourg. Where could I find it? The advice of my friends wasn't helpful, as they only recommended the well known burger places. I had the  opinion that there must be more, there would surely be a hidden gem somewhere, and I wanted to go out there and find it.

I was never a real burger gourmet, I mean of course I ate burgers just as the next guy, but as the quest progressed, the whole burger story just got bigger and bigger and there was no way out anymore. The blog hit it off when the press got wind of it. Page clicks, personal messages and facebook comments just blew the roof, and I got more and more adresses of burger joints to review.

During 2012 I declared the burger quest to be over at the end of the year. In the beginning of 2013 I decided to relaunch the quest, and start a second edition. There were simply too many burgers left to be tested or re-evaluated and questions to be answered.

In 2015 I did a reset of the rankings and went online with a new rating system.

I still love my burger

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