Sunday, 28 October 2012

BBBB @ Beef Bar

Hello burger lovers,

Today's review is about a burger I've had at the Beef Bar. Beef Bar is located at the Auchan shopping mall in Kirchberg. The restaurant is well known for their wide range of meat, from Argentinian steak to burgers you can get nearly anything. It was my first visit, and I was quite looking forward to try their BBBB (BeefBar Black Burger). Priced at 22 € (a drink included) it is the second most expensive burger on my quest. I've had the 170gr, you could also get the 340gr version for 28€.


The presentation of the burger was followed by a WOW! The buns of the burger were coloured black (the same as my teeth after eating). The burger was served on an elegant slate decorated with few leaves of rocket and a bowl of corn fries. Since i've had no sauce as a side, the fries were a bit dry, but had a nice distinguished taste. The meat, the heart of any burger, was made of angus beef, promising since it is assumed by many that this beef is better than regular beef. In this case it was not true, I don't know about the quality but it was overcooked, very dry and not very tasty. The buns on the other hand were quite an experience. They were black as I already mentioned, (I don't really know how they were coloured, maybe ink?) were crisp and had a fine taste. The cheese was great, nicely melted cheddar cheese with a good flavor. The pickles and lettuce which were on the burger were fresh but there was too much sauce, probably to compensate for the dry meat. At least the sauce was tasty, it think it was made from mayonnaise and onions.

The burger was not bad, but absolutely overpriced. The looks were great, but they don't justify the price. I would recommend the restaurant for a business meeting, but not for burger lovers. 

In finance a BBB rating stands for Lower Medium Grade. Since this burger is called BBBB, I suppose the creators already knew that this one wouldn't be Prime or High Grade. Therefore, and for many more reasons my rating of this burger is 6.80, still Investment Grade, thus not that bad after all. 


Beef Bar
2, rue Carlo Hemmer (Auchan)
2721 Luxembourg-Kirchberg
Tél.: 27 04 85 95

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Burger Tasting @ Mama Loves You

Hello burger lovers,

Among many things that I've experienced during my quest, one trait seems to become more and more important: Dedication.

A chef and/or owner should in my opinion be interested in its customers' opinion, feel the pulse. He should be worried about the quality of the ingredients, the taste of his food, and most of all, he should have the ambition of serving, in this case, the best burger in Luxembourg.

Having this in mind, I was more than happy being invited to an evening of burger tasting and sneak peaks at Mama Loves You, especially because this place serves one of my top rated burgers.

As we were a handful of burger lovers, we talked a lot about the composition of meat, quality of bread and freshness and diversity of toppings. I really enjoyed the discussion, and I am pretty sure that the chef got a lot of input which he can use while preparing or further planning new burgers.

The highlight of the evening was the burger test itself. We got 5 servings of different burgers. All burgers were different, and we were asked to write comments about each burgers. Tom, the chef, prepared those burges minutely and was more than curious to hear what we thought of them.  

I don't want to spoil the surprise for you, and it's not my place to divulge any more details. The result can soon be experienced at Mama Loves You. As far as I'm concerned, I can't wait to review those new burgers!


Mama Loves You
42-44 Rue de Hollerich
1740 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Tel.: 48 28 95

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spitfire Burger @ Restaurant Spitfire

Hello burger lovers,

After a few 'not so good burgers' I was craving a good one. As far as I remembered, several followers of my blog and Facebook page told me good things about Spitfire, plus their homepage states: Spitfire, the new place to be. Spitfire is located at Findel, in the airport-area.

After a warm welcome, I ordered their only meat burger on the menu, the Spitfire Burger. Priced at 18,50€ it's in the upper price range of my reviewed burgers. The price can be explained by the fact that the beef patty is not made of ground beef, but a filet de boeuf (tenderloin). 


The burger arrived and it was beautiful. The plate was nicley decorated and the burger looked very fresh. As usual, I started with the fries. They were really good, crisp and tasteful. The one thing which really bothers me on the burgers in Luxembourg is the bun. This one was made of sweet brioche, a combination which I don't like on burgers. I don't appreciate sweetness anywhere near my burger. The filet de boeuf (tenderloin) was indeed very tender and the meat was melting in my mouth while eating. I admit that was a nice experience, but to be honest, I prefer ground beef on a burger. But this one was so nicely cooked that I forgot about my preferences while eating. Kudos to the chef! The burger itself had a nice balance, the sauce went well with the rest of the burger. The veggies were fresh, I liked the green lettuce, others might prefer iceberg. There were cocumbers and pickles on the burger, maybe too much for my gusto. The cheese was of a good a quality, nicely melt and tasteful.
In my opinion this was a real good burger. It was clearly different from others I've reviewed, therefore not easy to compare. I thought that for burger lovers this one might be a bit too expensive. Usually if I spend that much money on food, I don't want it wrapped in bread. Anyway, the restaurant has a very nice menu, serves quality food, and I will surely return to try more of it.

My weighted rating is 7,42


Restaurant Spitfire
675 Rue de Neudorf

2220 Luxembourg 
27 84 88 84 675

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Alfa Hamburger @ Alfa Brasserie (Mercure Grand Hotel Alfa)

Hello burger lovers,

after a first good experience at Hotel Legère, I felt obligated to try a second hotel restaurant. The Alfa Hotel, with it's own Alfa Brasserie, is just located opposite Luxembourg's railway station. As I walk by nearly every day, I knew they serve a hamburger on their menu. With 17€ it's quite pricey, hence I expect something really good. I was quite impressed by the size of the dining room while entering the hotel, I didn't expect it to be that enormous from the outside. On the other hand I didn't like their lighting at all, a very unpleasant twilight.


After an appropriate wait, I got my burger. I was relieved when I caught sight of the buns, they didn't serve the soft fluffy ones. Little did I know that these buns were the exact opposite. The burger was served on a loveless plate, the fries were in a paper cone and as a side we had little bowl of their sauce called alfa, which I could only define as a mix of a cocktail-sauce with mustard. My colleagues and I didn't like the sauce. The fries were not that bad while still warm, but once they had cooled off, they weren't edible anymore and became as stony as the buns. The only toppings of the burger were a slice of tomato and a fried egg. I didn't think that this was anything spectacular. The meat was fresh, and the outside had a very nice grill taste. I was very satisfied with their cooking, I ordered it medium rare, and that's the way I got it. Nevertheless, the meat wasn't seasoned, ergo it had not much flavour. 

All in all I was disapointed. At 17€ it should have been better. The burger was okay, but I wouldn't go back for it. The price wasn't justified. I admit that the restaurant was nice, but on the other hand it was far from being fancy.

My rating for the Alfa Burger is 5.47


Alfa Brasserie (Grand Hotel Mercure Alfa) 
16, place de la Gare, Luxembourg City
1616 Luxembourg
Tél.: 49 00 11