Friday, 17 October 2014

Cheese K @ Koeppchen

Hello burger lovers,

The problem with this blog is that after a while, I felt obligated to taste burgers everywhere I ate. The result of this was clear, for quite a while I didn't really feel like eating burgers anymore. I might add that there are clearly several exceptions, as I was still regularly visiting my favorite burger joints.

In May the Bistro-Brasserie Koeppchen reopened its doors in Wormeldange. The restaurant has one of the widest range of Luxembourgish Moselle wines, which is very impressing, but not really important for my quest. An other interesting fact is that the owners are the same guys that run the Fabrik in Mersch (I reviewed their burgers as well). Not only is it a good thing to support start-up entrepreneurs, I find it even better to value their work by visiting their locations.

After browsing their menu and eating there several times, I have to admit that burgers were never my first choice. Their menu features many traditional dishes like Feierstengszalot, Paschtéit or their signature dish: deep fried fish (Friture). (Clearly a restaurant where you can take your parents or in-laws.) Nevertheless, you can choose among 5 burgers.

I chose the Cheese K that comes with fries and a side salad for 12.50€


As always in a traditional restaurant, opposed to a fast food restaurant, the food preparation takes a bit more time. On the other hand, you wouldn't find that quality waiting staff in a junk food joint. I was actually looking forward to this burger, hoping it would have at least the same quality as the ones I had in their other restaurant. 

Optically the burger looks enticing. The buns are made from round shaped ciabatta bread (as I mentioned on other reviews, I find that a good choice). The nicely cooked beef, a 180 gr. patty, was quite tasty. It was well seasoned and the cheddar cheese nicely melted on top of the beef patty. The iceberg salad was crisp and fresh. The burger sauces were delicious, it was a pleasure to guess the ingredients and to confirm them with the chef afterwards.There are actually two kind of sauces on this burger, a white Caesar's style sauce on top and an orange cocktail style sauce on the bottom bun. The only downside of this burger was the raw onions. Since I am not a fan of raw onions and never think of cancelling them while ordering, I always end up peeling them off the burger.

The french fries were okay, maybe a bit too chunky for me, but some people prefer them that way. I liked the fact that they were nicely seasoned and came in a little basket in the shape of a fryer. Don't forget to order the two kinds of burger sauces as a side, you won't regret it.


I was a bit surprised but more than happy to see that the burger had such a good quality. It is very tasty and the price is very reasonable. While considering the whole package, the ambiance, the location, the choice and the pricing, I can easily give this burger a weighted rating of 8.0, which puts the burger on the third position of my ranking. I find the burger very balanced, it has the right size and I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed. Even when I prefer other dishes on their menu, a burger will always be a good choice. 

And I guess now we know why this burger is called Cheese K, it would have been too obvious to call it Cheese-Klot right away ;)

Koeppchen Bistro-Brasserie
9, Berreggaass
5485 Wormeldange
Tel.: 76 00 46