Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NYC Cheeseburger @ Bagels & Burgers

Hello burger lovers,

There is a new burger joint in town. It's called Bagels & Burgers, and that's what they serve. Situated at the Boulevard d'Avranches it's located perfectly between the Gare and City-Center area.

The interior of Bagels & Burgers reminds of an American diner, but is in my opinion not really authentic.

I ordered a NYC Cheeseburger with country potatoes (they don't serve fries!) for 11.60€


After a short wait, I got my burger, which looked good. Of course I was a bit disappointed when I saw that I got no fries but country potatoes (sadly I don't like them too much). They also added a pot of coleslaw, which I gave instantly to my colleagues who joined me on my quest.

The burger itself had lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese and a mayonnaise-mustard sauce as toppings. The beef was good, but a bit too well done (at least they asked how I wanted it), but the taste was good. The cheddar cheese was nicely melted and wrapped around the meat patty. The vegetables were fresh, but I didn't really like their sauce. In my opinion they should offer a range of different sauces. The buns looked good, but they were the same fluffy ones as usual, and they were not even toasted! As you know, for me that's a no-go!

My conclusion: the burger is okay for a quick snack during your lunch break. But so far in my quest, I only consider it an average burger.

The weighted rating is 6.14


Bagels & Burgers

12-14 Boulevard d'Avranches
1160 Luxembourg
Tel.: 26 29 65 26

Monday, 28 May 2012

Tower Burger @ Urban Bar & Kitchen (re-visit)

Hello burger lovers,
Recently Urban Bar became my favourite burger spot. Their service, friendliness and food quality impressed me, reasons enough to visit them on a regular basis. You should try their "Burger of the Moment" which changes every other week.

At my first visit I ordered their Tower Burger (15,50€ and 300gr of meat), with Jalapeños as a topping. That time I wasn't quite satisfied with the burger, as you can see in my previous review: click here 

After my review I have been contacted by the owner, and we discussed minor improvements for his burgers. Later I have been reviewing a different burger at Urban Bar which I really liked. Now is the time I grant a second chance to the Tower Burger.


From a visual point of view, the burger looked perfect! The burger was still hot, which wasn't the case when I had the big one the first time. The meat was fresh, tasted well, but was too well done in my opinion. The cheese was nicely melted, but compared to the inferno burger the taste of the burger sauce didn't really come out. The lettuce was fresh and green, and most importantly this time the tomato was not too watery, which was my main concern last time when it nearly ruined the whole burger. That time the buns were soaked and I criticized them quite harsh, this time they were fine and the burger was easy to eat. I really like their thin crispy fries which come with a delicious garlic sauce.

The thing about the Tower Burger is that it really looks great. Tastewise it's not bad, but it doesn't reach the same awesomeness than a regular burger, for instance. the Inferno Burger. But if you're hungry, go for it!

The old rating was 6.40 the new weighted average score after my re-visit is 6.88


Urban Bar & Kitchen
2, rue de la Boucherie
1247 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 26 47 85 78

Friday, 11 May 2012

Diablo Burger @ Café Belair

Hello burger lovers,

recently I visited Café Belair. Many people recommended this place, so yet again my hopes were up. Café Belair is a local Brasserie that offers a huge range of different burgers. They are also known for their variety of wines and beers. I didn't know the place until recently, but added it to my map. This time I ordered the Diablo Burger,  250gr of meat for 16.50€.


When the burger arrived I was surprised how big it was. The meat and buns looked tasty and I couldn't wait to bury it in my mouth. The meat was so fresh and had a fabulous taste. The cooking was perfect. The buns were very tasty, a round shaped ciabatta bread which didn't fall apart due to the moisture, in my opinion still the best solution. I was a bit disappointed by the toppings though. The cheddar cheese was the regular one that you can buy at your local store, and there were no slices of tomato nor lettuce on the burger, which made the whole thing a bit dry. The hot sauce was quite spicy, but I wouldn't call it was hot, I didn't really like the taste of it. The chorizo which was on top of the meat did not add a plus to the burger in my opinion. The fries were home made, that's a plus, the fact that they were too crispy wasn't good, and I didn't eat them all.

The quality and the taste of the burger were good. It was pricey, maybe a bit too expensive for a burger. I've had some minor disappointments though. Maybe I've just chosen the wrong burger. Next time I will try a regular cheeseburger. I will keep you posted.

the weighted rating for the Diablo Burger is 7.44


Café Belair
99 val Ste Croix
1371 Luxembourg

Tél.:26 38 37 61

CF Big Burger @ Crossfire (re-visit)

Hello burger lovers,

I revisited Crossfire Nordic Bar in Luxembourg. The old rating was 5.76 mostly because I had some major concerns about their meat. Find the old review here

Since Crossfire was the first burger joint I evaluated during my quest, I asked myself if I havn't been a bit harsh in my evaluation. So I decided to grant them a second chance, and try the same burger I had several months ago.


After a very long wait (the bar wasn't crowded at all!!) I got my big bacon cheeseburger. The Burger wasn't great, but it was better than the one from before. In January I was under the impression that the meat wasn't fresh, this I cannot confirm this anymore. But it was too well seasoned and the pepper taste was quite overpowering. The bacon was very tasty and the vegetables were okay as well. The cheese was quite tasteless but the so called special sauce still wasn't special. The buns were the regular ones, toasted, still not great. The fries were better during my last visit, not that crispy this time.The burger was quite big, a good deal for 11€.

The new weighted average after revisiting in May 2012 and considering the old rating from January is 5.96 

No  burger joint should consider the rating as definite. I will visit and review again :)


Crossfire Bar
15, rue Dicks
1417 Luxembourg
Tel: 49 84 31