Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hot Burger @ Independent's Café

Hello burger lovers,

since I gave second chances to Urban and Fubar, I thought I could do that as well for Independent's, my number one. I am not going to intoduce the restaurant again, since I've done that during my last review. Last time when I was there I was thrilled about the quality of the food, but had some minor comments about the lack of sauce. I didn't know then that I had to order the sauce separately (thanks to the people telling me , as the waitress didn't). This time I ordered a different burger, the Hot Burger for 9.5€ and fries as a side for 2.5€ and their hot sauce.


It's the second time I've been to Indie's, and both times they have forgotten about my reservation. Maybe I was unlucky or I might have picked two bad days in a row, but their service was chaotic again, and we had to wait endlessly for them handing us the menu. Having this said, I can assure you that this is the only downside on today's schedule. After having tested 20 burgers I was asking myself if Indie's really serves the best burgers, honestly I began doubting my judgement and needed to go back for a check. When the Hot Burger arrived I was in awe. It looked very fresh and delicious. The buns are home-made Ciabatta bread, which I find is the ideal solution for a burger. The 160gr. of organic beef were again cooked and seasoned to perfection. Last time I was quite dissapointed with their toppings, this time I really liked them. Loads of vegetables, nicley melted cheese in combination with a delicious homemade hot sauce, wow! The fries were crispy, but still not special in any way. The next time I'll only have a burger with no fries, since the burger is really big and you don't need fries anyway. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new number one!! 8.10 is the weighted rating. Congratulations to Independent's. You really serve a great burger. The price is very fair, and I am a huge fan of the quality. Please keep up the good work (but work on the your service side).


Independent Café
6, boulevard F.D. Roosevelt
2450 Luxembourg-Centre
T. 27 47 87 78

Monday, 16 April 2012

Giant @ Quick

Hello burger lovers,

today's review is about the Giant burger at Quick. The franchise advertises itself as "Quality Burger Restaurant". Quick, one of the leading burger joints in Luxembourg recently got some bad press, which in my opinion did not really change anything in the customers' behaviour. Anyway I tested the Giant, Quick's flagship burger. For 6.70€ you'll get this one with a serving of fries and Ketchup (0.35€!!!!)


3.7 seconds after I placed my order, I had the burger on my tray. My compliments for this fast service during lunch time. After I opened the paper box I was quite shocked how small the Giant appeared. It wasn't the first time I was at Quick, but I never realized that their burger is this tiny. The bun was the worst I've had so far in my quest. It was very soft and fluffy, in my opinion even worse than the standard ones you get in the supermarkets. The meat wasn't good, the two patties were small and very thin, comparable to the ones from McDonald's. The lettuce was fresh and green, the cheese was nothing exceptional but I have to admit that the burger sauce wasn't bad at all. Their fries were too pale, and didn't have any particular taste, I have to say that I preferred the fries from McDonald's.

When it comes to fast food burgers, it's not only about the price. It's also about the taste which actually comes from their sauces. The quality of meat and toppings cannot be compared to the burgers you get at your local joints. But Quick is fast, cheap and offers a wide range of burgers. Quality and size were insufficient and that's why the weighted rating is 4.83



Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Double Cheeseburger @ Cube by Légère Premium Hotel

Hello burger lovers,

Today's review is about a burger from Cube, which is the restaurant at Légère Premium Hotel in Munsbach,.  A friend told me about their quality food and I would not be sorry to try this place out. My hopes were up (yet again), especially when you know that their double cheeseburger costs 21€.


I was speechless when this huge burger arrived. You could see at your first glimpse that the cheese was nicely melted on the two 160gr. patties. It looked so tasty. The only pain in my eye were the buns. They served the soft ones (you know the ones I don't like), but more on that later.

The taste was great. The beef was nicely seasoned and was very fresh. They used rocket as salad (wow), fresh tomatoes and a home made burger sauce. There was a lot of cheese on that burger, which made it very creamy and tasty. On the downside, after a few bites the buns were soaked and I was forced to continue to eat my burger with my knife and fork. The serving of fries which came with mayonnaise and ketchup was okay, but I doubt that they were home made, which I expect for 21€. 

I was very satisfied with this burger. The only major criticism I have is that they can't use the cheap buns when they offer such a quality burger. I suggested them to use ciabatta bread. The price was high, but it was in line with quantity and quality of this burger. I understand that you pay a higher price in a restaurant than in a bar. In any case this is a burger I can recommend to meat lovers and I will definately return to the Cube to eat it again.

The weighted rating is 7.49


Cube by Légère Premium Hotel
11 Parc d'Activite Syrdall
5365 Munsbach

Tél.: 49 00 06 1

Friday, 6 April 2012

FuKing Burger @ Fubar

Hello burger lovers,

recently I went for a second trial at Fubar. They contacted me after my first review, and told me that they would work on the negatives. That is something I appreciate, so I gave them a second shot.

This time I tried a smaller burger, the FuKing Burger, which is basically the same burger as the FuKing Whopper (the one I tried the last time) with only less meat. And it only costs 9€ with fries as a side.


After I got my burger, I revealed my identity. They showed me to the kitchen, where a coloured printout of my review was hanging next to the door. Score!

The burger itself was optically the same as I described it the last time (only with one layer of meat 150gr.). Their special buns (Kebab style) seemed to be fresher this time, and they had a quite good taste. The last time the bottom bun was still frozen, this time it was only cold (that's an improvement :) ). The vegetables were fresh, the raclette cheese was nicley melted and the meat was still of a very good quality and taste. I ordered the Mr Naga hot sauce for my burger, which is in my opinion the best sauce I've had during my entire quest. The fries were a disappointment (again), they were very pale and not crisp at all.

To conclude, the standard burger was better than the big one (I had the same phenomenon at Urban Bar). It had a great taste, the quality was above average. The pricing at Fubar is very interesting too, if you're in Clausen, go to Fubar and eat a burger!

The weighted rating is 7.45


57, rue de la Tour Jacob
1831 Luxembourg-Clausen
Tél.: 621 37 66 43