Friday, 30 March 2012

Buffalo Cheeseburger @ Buffalo Grill

Hello burger lovers,

This short review is about the Buffalo Cheeseburger at Buffalo Grill. These Buffalo Grills (Esch-Belval, Howald, Kirchberg) are quite easy to spot, since their restaurants look just like a western saloon.

Among a wide range of burgers, Buffalo Grill is speacialized in meats, but they also offer several kinds of salads and chicken wings. The cheeseburger I ordered came with fries as a side and it was priced at 10.20€


I am going to keep this one short: Optically the burger was a huge disappointment, the soft fluffy buns were too big, but the worst thing was that the meat patty was bathing in a sea of sauce (disgusting). I couldn't really taste something other than the sauce. The meat didn't look very appealing, but at least it was  seasoned. The cheese was nicley melted, but as you can see it's that cheese which you can buy in every store, the one with no taste at all. The vegetables on the burger were okay, but were by far not enough to save the burger. The fries were not special as well, and had no particular good taste.

My conclusion: 4.67


Buffalo Grill
20, rue des Scillas
2529 Howald
Tél.: 26 187 665

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Inferno Burger @ Urban Bar & Kitchen

Hello burger lovers,

Recently I got a very nice e-mail from the owner of Urban Bar, a guy who seems to have the same love for burgers as me. What I liked about his mail was that he is open minded, has the will to improve his burgers and considers my blog as serious criticism. He suggested me a different burger from his menu, maybe a smaller one (last time I had the tower burger), and announced some improvements on my critics. I decided to give Urban a second chance.

When I arrived, I found a crowded Urban during lunch time. I ordered the "Inferno Burger" which was my favorite burger at the  former Hollerich icon Congo with fries as a side for 12,10€.


When I got my burger I instantly thought that this one looks just like Mama's Burger at Mama loves You (and you know I love Mama!). It looked really good, I quote myself "It looked very good, the way a burger is supposed to look." Compared to the Tower Burger I had last time at Urban's, this one was smaller, and definitely easier to eat with your fingers. The inferno is a cheeseburger with jalapenos, green salad, two slices of tomato and a very delicious burger sauce which I would define as a cocktail sauce. The last time I was at Urban's the tomatoes were very watery, it ruined the taste of the burger and soaked the buns. This time the quality of the tomatoes and lettuce was much better, the vegetables appeared fresher and had a better taste. I don't really want to take credit for this improvement, but the owner told me that he had looked into this issue after reading my blog, and told his staff to monitor the quality of the vegetables more carefully. The buns were made from real bread, crisp, still not my favorite, but way better than the soft ones. The meat appeared better than the last time, it was cooked to perfection, and very tasty. I honestly prefer the meat from Indie's.  The fries were good, not as good as the ones at Mama Loves You , but they came with a delicious sauce, maybe a light garlic sauce, wow!

After having rated more than 15 burgers I think I can tell the difference between a good and a bad burger. Sometimes it's a question of luck, the chef might have a bad day, the kitchen might be busy and you get a cold meal or you simply order the wrong dish on the wrong day. Last time I was disappointed at Urban, the big burger did in my opinion not have the right balance. This time I was satisfied, and I am glad that I have not spotted any major problems, but had a really good burger which I will now add to my favorites.

The weighted rating for the Inferno Burger is 7.52 


Urban Bar & Kitchen
2, rue de la Boucherie
1247 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 26 47 85 78

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hamburger Mozzarella @ Belucci Ristorante

Hello burger lovers,

Recently one of my follower wrote on my Facebook page saying that she advises me not to try the burger at Belucci Ristorante in the city centre of Luxembourg. If somebody tells me what I shouldn't do, I'm most likely going to do it. That's what I did in this precise case. One could ask why an italian restaurant would serve burgers, and even worse, why would someone order something like that from their menu? Well folks, I honestly have no answer to that question, but I had to try this burger.

I ordered the "Hamburger Mozzarella", 150 gr. of beef with fries and salad on the side for 14.60 €.


After a very short wait of 30 minutes, I finally got my burger. It came on a plate with lots of salad and fries. The meat patty was on a entire bun (which wasn't cut in two pieces), and it was covered with a tomato sauce and some melted mozzarella cheese on top. The fries (regular frozen ones) were served with 3 pots of non homemade sauce, not too bad but again, for this price I have higher expectations. I started with the bun, which was actually a sweet, dry brioche roll. Taste wise it didn't go with a burger. That's what I thought before I tried the meat, which was very dry, compressed, and in addition to that, it had (in my opinion) a terrible taste and I severly doubted its freshness. The topping consisted of a tomato sauce with a small piece of mozzarella cheese. The highlight of my disappointing meal was the side salad which I usually don't touch since I consider it as decoration. But in this case it was tempting enough to get me to eat it.

All in all it was the worst burger I've tried so far in my quest. I don't want to judge the restaurant, they might cook some decent lasagna (apparently that's what they're known for) but they shouldn't serve any burgers and stick to their pizzas and pasta.

My conclusion: I honestly prefer 2 Big Mac Menus from McDonald's (and you know I don't really like those) to one burger from Belucci. The end price will be same and at least you have some drinks included.

The weighted rating is: 4.62


Belucci Ristorante
7, rue Louvigny
1946 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.:22 88 66

Monday, 19 March 2012

Big Mac @ McDonald's

Hello burger lovers,

Today's review is about the Golden Arches aka McDonald's. You may love or hate their burgers, but in fact it is the largest burger company in the world, and you can find it nearly everywhere. I really don't want to start a discussion about the "McDo" organization and ethics so let's just focus on the rating, which is in this case a Big Mac Burger with fries for 6,05 €.


The service was pretty fast, I got my burger in about 15 seconds in a nice square paper box. The burger was still hot and actually  not too big. I didn't like the soft buns which had a sweet taste. Two layers of meet, sounds exciting, but they were really thin, very dry and had no taste of their own. The vegetables (lettuce, onions and pickles) were not spectacular, but okay. The cheese was nicely melted and creamy, but had no particular taste. Actually it is the sauce which makes this a tasty burger. At the end I still felt hungry, but knew I shouldn't eat a second one... yet I had a second burger (which was too much of course), shame on me!

McDonald's is cheap and everywhere, that's their big plus and the main reason for their success. In my personal opinion, McDonald's cannot keep up with the home made burgers you can get in small bars or restaurants.

My weighted rating is 5.42


address: everywhere

Thursday, 1 March 2012

FuKing Whopper @ Fubar

Hello burger lovers,

Sorry for the silent treatment, but everyone needs a burger-free time once in a while. My latest rating is about my secret favourite of this quest. I have been there twice before this quest, and both times I loved it. I am talking about Fubar, a small sports bar located in Clausen-Luxembourg, just next to the already rated Maybe not Bob's. Fubar serves a variety of freshly prepared snacks like burgers and grilled skewers. They offer a wide choice of different hot sauces for the burgers and fries, which can be combined with ketchup or mayonnaise, or can even be eaten pure.

I ordered the FuKing Whopper, which has two layers of meat (150gr. each), raclette cheese, lettuce and two slices of tomato for about 9€. I had fries as a side order (2.50€).


First comment: the burger was huge! It was nearly impossible to eat it with my hands. The buns were different from all the others I've had tested before. They looked and tasted a bit like Kebab bread but had a different shape. The problem was that the bottom piece of bread was still frozen. Unbelievable! There was a lot of cheese on this burger but unfortunately it was not melted. The slices of tomato and lettuce were fresh, and the hot Mr. Naga sauce was a dream (best sauce ever!). The meat was great. It was fresh and had a very good taste. The fries were a disappointment, they were as cold as the burger, and were very pale and not crisp at all.

Since I've been there before, I know that Fubar can do a better job than this. Their burgers have the potential to be the best ones in Luxembourg. This time the burgers were cold, and the fries were not good at all. I was disappointed this time, but I strongly believe in the quality and taste of their food. 

P.S.. guys... get a better homepage please!

Therefore, the weighted rating is  7.15


57, rue de la Tour Jacob
1831 Luxembourg-Clausen
Tél.: 621 37 66 43