Sunday, 25 March 2012

Inferno Burger @ Urban Bar & Kitchen

Hello burger lovers,

Recently I got a very nice e-mail from the owner of Urban Bar, a guy who seems to have the same love for burgers as me. What I liked about his mail was that he is open minded, has the will to improve his burgers and considers my blog as serious criticism. He suggested me a different burger from his menu, maybe a smaller one (last time I had the tower burger), and announced some improvements on my critics. I decided to give Urban a second chance.

When I arrived, I found a crowded Urban during lunch time. I ordered the "Inferno Burger" which was my favorite burger at the  former Hollerich icon Congo with fries as a side for 12,10€.


When I got my burger I instantly thought that this one looks just like Mama's Burger at Mama loves You (and you know I love Mama!). It looked really good, I quote myself "It looked very good, the way a burger is supposed to look." Compared to the Tower Burger I had last time at Urban's, this one was smaller, and definitely easier to eat with your fingers. The inferno is a cheeseburger with jalapenos, green salad, two slices of tomato and a very delicious burger sauce which I would define as a cocktail sauce. The last time I was at Urban's the tomatoes were very watery, it ruined the taste of the burger and soaked the buns. This time the quality of the tomatoes and lettuce was much better, the vegetables appeared fresher and had a better taste. I don't really want to take credit for this improvement, but the owner told me that he had looked into this issue after reading my blog, and told his staff to monitor the quality of the vegetables more carefully. The buns were made from real bread, crisp, still not my favorite, but way better than the soft ones. The meat appeared better than the last time, it was cooked to perfection, and very tasty. I honestly prefer the meat from Indie's.  The fries were good, not as good as the ones at Mama Loves You , but they came with a delicious sauce, maybe a light garlic sauce, wow!

After having rated more than 15 burgers I think I can tell the difference between a good and a bad burger. Sometimes it's a question of luck, the chef might have a bad day, the kitchen might be busy and you get a cold meal or you simply order the wrong dish on the wrong day. Last time I was disappointed at Urban, the big burger did in my opinion not have the right balance. This time I was satisfied, and I am glad that I have not spotted any major problems, but had a really good burger which I will now add to my favorites.

The weighted rating for the Inferno Burger is 7.52 


Urban Bar & Kitchen
2, rue de la Boucherie
1247 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 26 47 85 78

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  1. Just tried it and it's not bad at all, properly spicy!!! Thanks for the tip.

    But always be prepared to wait... and wait... it took 35 minutes to get our 3 burgers and we heard of someone waiting 45 minutes before going back to work on an empty stomach.