Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hamburger Mozzarella @ Belucci Ristorante

Hello burger lovers,

Recently one of my follower wrote on my Facebook page saying that she advises me not to try the burger at Belucci Ristorante in the city centre of Luxembourg. If somebody tells me what I shouldn't do, I'm most likely going to do it. That's what I did in this precise case. One could ask why an italian restaurant would serve burgers, and even worse, why would someone order something like that from their menu? Well folks, I honestly have no answer to that question, but I had to try this burger.

I ordered the "Hamburger Mozzarella", 150 gr. of beef with fries and salad on the side for 14.60 €.


After a very short wait of 30 minutes, I finally got my burger. It came on a plate with lots of salad and fries. The meat patty was on a entire bun (which wasn't cut in two pieces), and it was covered with a tomato sauce and some melted mozzarella cheese on top. The fries (regular frozen ones) were served with 3 pots of non homemade sauce, not too bad but again, for this price I have higher expectations. I started with the bun, which was actually a sweet, dry brioche roll. Taste wise it didn't go with a burger. That's what I thought before I tried the meat, which was very dry, compressed, and in addition to that, it had (in my opinion) a terrible taste and I severly doubted its freshness. The topping consisted of a tomato sauce with a small piece of mozzarella cheese. The highlight of my disappointing meal was the side salad which I usually don't touch since I consider it as decoration. But in this case it was tempting enough to get me to eat it.

All in all it was the worst burger I've tried so far in my quest. I don't want to judge the restaurant, they might cook some decent lasagna (apparently that's what they're known for) but they shouldn't serve any burgers and stick to their pizzas and pasta.

My conclusion: I honestly prefer 2 Big Mac Menus from McDonald's (and you know I don't really like those) to one burger from Belucci. The end price will be same and at least you have some drinks included.

The weighted rating is: 4.62


Belucci Ristorante
7, rue Louvigny
1946 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.:22 88 66

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