Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Dude Burger @ Food Truck

Hello burger lovers,

After a nationwide media exposure I have been asked by many to review the food truck. From the outside, the Food Truck seems to be a success story. But can it live up to my expectations?

First of all I am very happy to finally have a food truck in Luxembourg. In my opinion we should have more than one, but I figure that it isn’t very easy to bypass all administrative obstacles and cope with the regulations. After all, it’s something new for our beloved country.

That being said I will shortly explain the concept of the food truck. Food trucks are quite popular in huge American cities, but Paris and London also live up to that sub-culture. The Luxembourgish food truck is on the road 5 days a week and can be visited on different spots during lunch breaks. I for instance was at Cloche d’Or, but you could also find it in Strassen or Senningerberg depending on the weekday. Make sure to find the schedule on their website.

Given the limited space of a truck they offer quite a wide range of burgers and other fast food like bagels, soups and salads. They claim to process fresh and local ingredients, which is something I really enjoy!

After several minutes of queuing I was finally able to pass my order. Among quite a big offer of burgers I chose the Dude Burger. Their most popular burger has a 100% beef patty (I guess it’s around 200gr), salad, tomato, cheddar, bacon, pickles, an egg, and fried onions. It costs 9.50€, the fries are extra and cost 2.50€.


A couple of minutes after ordering, my burger was ready and I faced a challenge which I didn't anticipate. Where should I eat? My car wasn't an option as it was in my garage at home, my office was too far away, … Luckily it didn't rain and I could take advantage of a nearby bench and use it as a table.

After unwrapping the burger my first thought was: What a mess, I like it! Optically it reminded me of the “dirty” burgers I had in England. Bad luck that I was suited up, but wow, the burger made quite an impression. As I dug my teeth in it, I had to admit that I really liked it. The toppings were fresh, cheese, egg, salad and pickles were tasty. The bacon could have been a tad crunchier though. The beef was alright, medium rare just the way I ordered it. It could have been seasoned a bit more. Unfortunately the whole burger was only lukewarm, which is understandable if you eat outside in January. Due to the number of toppings I somehow, to my disappointment, didn't really get a taste of the burger sauce. I really wanted to test their “Damn Hot Sauce” but they didn't have any, that’s why I ordered their BBQ sauce with the fries. Speaking of the fries, they were the weakest link on my meal. They were big, saggy and they were lacking of salt, I was missing the punch. The BBQ sauce was alright but I would have preferred a spicier one.

All in all it was a good experience. It was a horror to eat that burger as juice was leaking out. But it was a really good burger which I can recommend to all burger lovers. Actually it is burgers in its purest form, something fast to take away. Fast food. I am more than happy to have an additional alternative on my burger route.

The weighted score is 7,25 out of 10.

Thanks to the lovely member of staff  in the truck who amusingly played along when I mentioned that I was charged too much when paying in € instead of $, as mentioned on the bill. (c.f. pic of bill)


Tuesday, 4 February 2014


 Hello burger lovers,

Please enjoy some picture of a show cooking at this' year's pre Superbowl party. Many thanks to Fons for the seasoning advice, merci Bonsi for hosting (best kitchen ever). Olgo and Billy... you are such talented photographers :)