Monday, 20 February 2012

Cheeseburger @ Maybe Not Bob's

Hello burger lovers,

This short review is about Maybe Not Bob's, a well known restaurant in Clausen, Luxembourg. It has a long-standing tradition in Luxembourg for serving burgers, ribs, chili con carne and big meat plates. I wasn't there in ages and was looking forward to have a nice cheeseburger (+- 12 €).


After a short wait, G. and I got our burgers. The fries came in a separate bowl which was on our plates, next to some salad, coleslaw, slices of tomato and orange (wtf?). As usual I didn't touch the decoration. The frozen fries were not special in any way, and were too pale. The buns were soft and fluffy, the way I like it (NOT!!). And yet again I recommend to use homemade bread instead of the standard ones you can buy in every corner shop. The meat was very dry, to well cooked and had no particular taste. I suggest salt and pepper during preparation. The burger came with no sauce, I had to put ketchup on it myself. Without being great, the nicely melted cheese was the highlight of this burger. What a bummer!

Dear people of Maybe Not Bob's, once upon a time you were a great restaurant, with great food. Your place was something special and loved by many, please go back to be that place. Lately I heard so many bad reviews about your restaurant, we the people are disappointed and just miss the old Maybe's.

5.86 is the weighted rating


Maybe Not Bob's
107, Rue de la Tour Jacob
1831 Luxembourg-Clausen
Tél..: 42 18 69

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Burger Classique @ Chiggeri

Hello burger lovers,

The following review is about the Burger Classique at the restaurant Chiggeri in the old town of Luxembourg-City. Chiggeri is a well known and well appreciated place by food and wine lovers.

Among a nice variety of dishes they have two burgers on their menu, on one hand the Burger Classique (I chose this one) with cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato for 18€ and on the other hand the Bling Bling Burger with foie gras and gold foil for 30€. As you can see, the price is quite high and so were my expectations.


After a relatively long wait, J and I got our burgers. They weren't round but longish as I've seen it quite a lot recently. The bun was made from ciabatta. Instead of fries we got country potatoes, served with Ketchup and Mayonnaise in a separate bowl. The plate was nicely decorated and we had some salad in a separate bowl. A pity they forgot to put dressing on the salad, so I considered it as a nice decoration and didn't eat it. The bread was way too crisp, I don't know if it was old, but I was hurting myself by eating it. No complaints on the quality of the meat, good taste as well. They should have asked us how we wanted it cooked, at least that's what I would have expected from a restaurant in that price range. The lettuce and tomato on the burger were fresh, the cheddar cheese was nicely melted as well. The bacon didn't have much taste, but was cooked well.

The overall taste was OK, not special though. The bread was too crisp and I really would have preferred fries instead of country potatoes. They should offer different homemade sauces instead of just Ketchup and Mayonnaise. Last but not least, the burger was way too pricey.

6.33 is the weighted rating 


15, rue du Nord
2229 Luxembourg-Vieille Ville
Tél.: 22 99 36

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Mamas Burger @ Mama Loves You

Hello burger lovers,

after the closing down of the Hollerich icon Congo, Mama Loves You took over. I loved the burgers at Congo, but heard loads of good things about Mama Loves You as well. My hopes were up again, considering several friends of mine declared their burger as the best in Luxembourg. The interior of the establishment is refurbished, nothing reminds you of the former restaurant and it's brighter as well. While waiting you can observe the chefs preparing your meal in their open kitchen, a good sign. During lunchtime, the restaurant was packed, consider to book a table in advance if you want to pay them a visit.

After a very warm welcome, I ordered Mamas Burger with 280 gr of luxembourgish beef for 15,40€.


After a short wait, my burger arrived. It looked really nice, the way a burger should look. The fries came in an extra bowl. We were offered different sauces for the fries as a side. I chose their homemade cocktail sauce, which was delicious. Their fries were the best I had in a long time, and undoubtedly the best in my burger quest until now. The homemade fries had some spices on top, in combination with their cocktail sauce... heaven!
The burger itself looked tasty, the buns were made of real white bread in a round shape, not the fluffy soft bread I'm used to (getting used to something doesn't mean you necessarily like it). The meat was fresh, it looked like the meat I use at home for my burgers (which are of course the best). But I was irritated, it had an awkward taste. I wasn't sure whether it was the seasoning or if the meat was slightly burned a bit. I mean it was far from being disgusting, but I found that part a bit disappointing. Apart from that, the burger was really tasty. The cheese was nicely melted, the vegetables were fresh and even the bacon was good (not too crisp, not too sloppy).

I was surprised by this burger. I am sure it would have been my actual number one, if there wouldn't have been that "meat incident". If it stays in my top 5, the restaurant will get a second chance, as I will try the 5 best burgers again.

7.64 is the weighted rating


Mama Loves You
42-44 Rue de Hollerich
1740 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Tel.: 48 28 95

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Taz LuxemBurger @ Banana's Bar

Hello burger lovers,

today's review is about Banana's Bar located in the city centre of Luxembourg. Banana's is a bar in the evening and a restaurant with a very nice menu during lunchtime. I really liked the vintage decor of the bar, it felt like a step back in time.

I ordered the Taz LuxemBurger, a Cheeseburger with a spicy sauce and fries as a side for 12.50€


When I got my burger, I was doubting if I could count it as a real burger. The ciabatta bread (which was delicious) wasn't round and didn't cover the meat at all. It was more like meat on bread than a classic burger. Anyway, the meat patties, there were two, were round and the cheese was nicely melted on top them. The burger lacked a bit of freshness since there was no sign of a tomato (even if it was stated on their menu) or lettuce on the burger, which made the burger a bit dry in my opinion. Optically the burger was a huge disappointment, I clearly had something different in mind when I ordered the spicy sauce. Instead of a hot sauce, it was more of a Ratatouille which they poured all over the meat and bread. It really didn't look that great, as you can see on the picture below. The most important fact is that this burger tasted really good. The meat was good, the cheese was nicely melted and the bread was the best I had with a burger so far. There was a lack of toppings on this burger, no vegetables at all except the spicy sauce (which wasn't that spicy). The fries came in a separate bowl, and were thin and crisp, regular frozen ones, the kind I like :)

The burger earned a lot of points by its taste, but on the other hand, when I order a burger, I exprect a regular burger. The sauce was not bad, but it was not a good choice for a burger. But when you're hungry, I can definately recommend the Banana's Bar!

6.67 is the weighted rating


Banana's Bar
9, Avenue Monterey (Place d'Armes)
2163 Luxembourg-Centre
Tel.: 621  21 82 84

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Bacon Cheeseburger @ 33 by Eric

Hello burger lovers,

Today is the 33rd day of the year, and we still have 333 days to go until the end of the year, so this seemed like the perfect day to have a cheeseburger at a joint called 33 by Eric in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie. The restaurant is decorated as an american diner and even the music was from the swinging 60's.

Their menu featured quite a lot of different burgers, even including a veggie burger. I ordered their bacon cheeseburger with a side of fries and a diet coke for 11,5€. The wait was a good 15 minutes before the burger arrived, which I found very unpleasant.


On first sight the burger looked very small. The burger was nicely made, it really looked like a burger is supposed to look. The buns were the ones I hate, you remember, the soft fluffy ones with sesame dots on top. The meat was okay but nothing special, it had no particular taste. It wasn't bad, above average compared to what I had until now in the different restaurants. As toppings there were roasted onions, nicely melted cheese and crispy bacon but no slice of tomato and no lettuce. As a sauce they went with plain mayonnaise. The overall taste of the cheeseburger was quite good. The fries were definately too greasy, and I doubt that they were homemade, even though that's what they state in their ad.

Honestly I was still hungry after lunch, the burger was just too small, I was done in a few bites. I would strongly suggest a bigger patty, a homemade bun and some lettuce for their burgers. 

6.25 is the weighted rating


33 by Eric
17, rue de Bonnevoie
1260 Luxembourg-Bonnevoie