Sunday, 27 January 2013

visiting Ben's Club Live

Hello Burger lovers,

Today I was invited as a guest at Eldo TV's Ben's Club Live.

video clip (the burger part starts at min 21)


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hot Mama's Burger @ Mama loves you

Hello burger lovers,

I was absolutely looking forward to testing the last burger of the quest, as I knew it would be a good one. I already had a sneak peak of the burger at Mama's Burger Tasting, and now they finally added it to their menu.

If you need a description of Mama Loves You or to better understand my comments about this burger, just read my previous review. I suggest to visit their lovely homepage and consult their menu. Even if you're not a burger lover, you will surely find something else to make your mouth water.

The Hot Mama's Burger is a burger where the meat patty is stuffed with cheese and jalapeƱos. I know this way of preparing a burger from Urban Bar, where they stuff their burgers on a regular basis. The 300gr burger (17,5€) comes with fries, but I've topped it with cheddar for an additional € (I left the bacon out, but it looked delicious on my friends' burgers).


The burger was great. Not only by the looks, but also the taste. The meat was really good, (you might remember the "meat incident" with Mama's Burger)! The lettuce and tomato were fresh, and their fries (whiche were served aside) were a dream as always. I was a bit disappointed with the side sauces for the fries (ketchup, andalouse, mayonnaise, cocktail), not that they weren't good, I only expected something more creative c.f. Urban sauces, or other different home made dips. The cheddar was nicely melted, and gave the burger a plus. Tastewise the buns were good, but they were too crisp in my opinion. The burger sauce wasn't my taste aswell, but as they kept it decent on the burger, it wasn't overpowering the other great flavours. Honestly, I would have preferred a hotter sauce on a hot burger. I am a fan of the stuffed burgers. In this case my favourite ingredients were included in the stuffing. Nevertheless I have to admit that I didn't find my burger hot enough. 

When I critisize this burger, it doesn't mean that it was bad. Don't get me wrong, I can assure you that this burger is better than 90% of all burgers I've eaten (and I ate far too many) this year in Luxembourg. It's high level criticism. 

The burger was simply great. I find the price a bit high for a burger, but I am willed to pay it, since it is a quality piece of meat. Mama, I love you too! 7.80


Mama Loves You
42-44 Rue de Hollerich
1740 Luxembourg-Hollerich
Tel.: 48 28 95