Monday, 30 January 2012

Mega Burger @ Brasserie Curé, BBT chaud Concept

Hello burger lovers,

I am back with a brand new review. This time me and my buddy J. went to the Brasserie Curé, BBT chaud Concept in the city centre. BBT has now 5 restaurants in Luxembourg, mainly in the south. Their slogan: Le concept qui monte, qui monte, qui... the concept that rises, that rises...

As we walked in the Brasserie, we were greeted by their friendly staff who seemed to be familiar with my burger rating project, awkward moment...

Anyway, we ordered the Mega Burger, obviously their top notch burger on the menu. For 11,50€ you'll get a triple layer burger with cheese, homemade sauce and additional fries. There were other burgers on the menu too.


We got our burgers quite fast, which is good but normal in this case since the place was nearly empty. Optically the burger was a sheer disappointment. It didn't look like a burger. The top bun was replaced by an egg sunny side up, the fries and salad were on the same plate which did not leave a good impression. The bun was more a Kebab bread than a bun. It was defrosted bread, I could see the white spots from freezer burn. In addition to the very bad bread, the meat was horrible as well. I honestly have no idea what meat they were using, a huge let down. It had a bad taste and was dry as hell, it didn't seem to be fresh. The taste and freshness of the lettuce and tomato, and the fries (thin and crisp) were the only things that saved this burger from getting the lowest possible rating. The cheese and homemade sauce had no particular taste to remember.

I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to have a bad burger and this was one of those experiences. I will not recommend BBT chaud and will not go back there again. This is yet another favorite place of some of my readers which failed my test.

4.76 is the weighted rating


Brasserie Curé & BBT chaud
3, rue du Curé
1368 Luxembourg-Centre
Tel: 20 40 90 90

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Double Conterstuffler @ Conterstuff

Hello burger lovers,

yesterday evening I went to the Conterstuff, which is a Brasserie in the village of Contern, not far from the city of Luxembourg. The place was packed with people, and I am pretty sure there weren't only locals. I went with Ä, born and raised in Contern, who recommended the place. We both had the home made Double Conterstuffler with fries for 12,50€. They actually have two burgers (simple and double) on their menu, which I find very nice for a Brasserie.


The burger was nicely presented, with an egg sunny side-up next to it. (nicely done!) I was surprised by the size of the burger, it wasn't very easy eating it, which is a good thing in my opinion. The fries came in a separate bowl, and had mayonnaise and ketchup with it. The fries were of a good quality, maybe a bit too big but definitely tasty. The bun was not special, the same standard one that you get, and I criticize everywhere. Honestly, from such a cozy Brasserie I expected a better bun. I appreciated though that they put a toast between the two pieces of meat. Speaking of the meat, it was delicious. I suppose it wasn't all beef, but very tasty, fresh and cooked the way I like it. The toppings were fresh as well, there were onions (which I personally don't like that much), a slice of tomato, lettuce and a mix of carrot/celery (not a good topping for a burger). The cheese wasn't easy to spot, and was mostly tasteless. The sauce didn't have a flavor to remember, it might have been dressing for the salad, so there I expect something better.

Thanks to the fine meat, the burger was O.K.

I think I will go back to the Conterstuff, but I will have something different from their menu, everything seemed very delicious.

6.77 is the weighted score


2 Place de la Mairie 
5310 Contern
Tél.: 26 70 17 26

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tower Burger @ Urban Bar & Kitchen

Hello burger lovers,

They say that there is nothing more mouthwatering than to wrap your lips around a juicy burger... I wouldn't go that far, but it can be pretty good :)

Anyway, word on the street was that you get the best burger at Urban Bar. That's why I booked a table for 5 during lunchtime to have lots of witnesses to confirm people's opinion. The Urban Bar is the place to be in Luxembourg's nightlife. It's situated in the heart of the old town, right next to the Palace. During the evenings the bar is packed with people, a very cosmopilitan place in the conservative Luxembourg. Yet again I had high hopes.

We all ordered the Tower Burger (15,50€ and 300gr of meat), some with bacon, I went with Jalapeños as a topping. I really liked that you could order extra toppings for your burger, but I didn't like the price so much (1€ per additional topping).


It was actually very difficult to eat the burger. We were sitting on a couch and the burger was quite big. It came surprisingly quick from their kitchen, but it wasn't warm anymore. A pity. It looked very good, the way a burger is supposed to look. The fact that the meat was tasteless was really disapointing. Neither the nicely melted cheese nor the burger sauce really had a distinguished flavor. The lettuce was fresh and green, but the tomato was too watery, which nearly ruined the whole burger. The buns, not good enough (the same ones I criticize in every review), but I liked their fries. Thin, crispy, salted and warm :), plus they got us every extra sauces we ordered (free of charge). That's the way to treat customers.  

Honestly I was a bit disapointed by the burger. For this price I really expected something more special. It wasn't all bad though.

6.40 is the weighted score


Urban Bar & Kitchen
2, rue de la Boucherie
1247 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 26 47 85 78

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Chili Cheese Burger XL @ Chi-Chi's

Hello burger lovers,

today I went to check out the Mexican Cantina Chi-Chi's, located in the heart of the city of Luxembourg. The place is usually crowded during the summer months, especially the terrace where you can have a delicious Margarita. But today we obviously didn't sit on the terrace, but on the first floor among numerous students. Chi-Chi's is a huge restaurant where you can order a variety of Tex-Mex dishes. Double P and me ordered XL burgers, I chose the Chili Cheese Burger XL (220gr.) with fries for 12,60€. 


When we got our plates, we were shocked. I have never seen a more neglected presentation before. A burger, with a lot of fries next to it and on top 3 pots of sauce. I really felt like in a canteen, which reminded me that we actually were in a cantina. It was nearly impossible eating, without dropping either fries or burger off the plate. Honestly, I lost a bit of my appetite even before starting.

In defense of the burger I have to admit that the taste was O.K. The toppings included an onion ring, a huge slice of tomato and some lettuce which wasn't fresh in my opinion. As I had a chili burger, i hoped for something spicy, but I actually got Chili Con Carne with melted cheese on my burger, which wasn't bad at all. The best part of the burger was the meat. Medium rare, good taste. The buns on the other hand were awful, again these cheap soft buns, I really can't stand them. The fries weren't crisp, too big and had a spices on it, I believe I prefer the frozen fries much more than the fresh chunky chips, not that these ones were fresh ... anyway not good enough.

I'm sorry Chi-Chi's but this was not a good burger!

5.32 is the weighted rating


15, Place d'Armes
1136 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 46 07 74

Monday, 9 January 2012

Farmer Burger @ Independent's Café

 Hello burger lovers,

starting the week with a good burger sounds promising. Actually burgers have a pretty poor image, it’s hard to untangle them from the words Fast Food. Fast Food has a bad reputation, usually it's quickly done, cheap, bad quality and not healthy.
With the promise of a much healthier and fresh burger the Independent Café, called Indie's, proves that a burger can be made out of quality ingredients. The burger's meat is organic, the home-made buns are ciabatta-style.

Several friends told me that this spot would be the best burger joint in Luxembourg. I was eager to find out and went there with two of my colleagues H & M (like the retail store, only better).

We all ordered the same dish, a Farmer Burger for 10,5€. M. noted that the burger is female friendly since there were a lot vegetables on the plate, and the fries had to be ordered separately (2,5 €).


On first sight, the package looked really good. The vegetables on the plate had a nice color and were really fresh. The fries were crispy, but not special in any way. The burger itself had bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and peppers on it. The meat (160gr.) can be described in one word: heaven! I am pretty confident that i will not find better meat on any burger during my quest. The organic beef was grilled near perfection, couldn't have done it any better myself. On the other hand I was disappointed with the bacon topping, it was squashy instead of being crispy, more like warm ham. The cheddar had no particular taste, but was creamy. The vegs and lettuce were fresh. A knockdown was the non existent sauce on the burger. First I thought they just forgot it, but my fellow burger lovers had none on theirs either... dear Indie's that's a no-go! The buns were home-made but I didn't like their taste that much, but I found them better than the soft ones, and it was different, so I could live with it.

Beside the lack of sauce, it was a great burger which in my opinion has the potential of being the best one in Luxembourg. With some adjustments (c.f. sauce) this could be easily done. I also value the freshness of the burger.

7.74 is the weighted rating


Independent Café
6, boulevard F.D. Roosevelt
2450 Luxembourg-Centre
T. 27 47 87 78

Friday, 6 January 2012

Hamburgesa Revolution @ Que Pasa

Hello burger lovers,

today I went to Que Pasa, a well known sandwich joint. Going there during lunchtime is quite strange, since the spot is mostly visited during the early morning hours to soak up the remaining alcohol from your bloodstream.

Anyhow, Que Pasa offers a wide range of sandwiches, some of them are called Hamburgesa. I didn't know that their sandwiches all look the same. You have no real hamburger bun, but a piece of white baguette, à la française. (not my thing) So basically it's only the meat that changes the sandwich into a hamburger. aha...

I ordered the Hamburgesa Revolution. It comes with beef, ham, lettuce, tomato, egg and cheese (omelette) and their home-made diablo sauce. Fries as a side. A pretty good deal  for 7,5€.


There is no denying that Que Pasa is a great spot. I was satisfied with the "burger". The taste was really good, the vegetables were fresh, there could have been a bit more meat but the diablo-sauce was a dream. The bread wasn't really my taste as I have stated already. The fries were crispy and tasty, but too large for my gusto. Either you have a sandwich or a burger, at Que Pasa it's all the same, but you can't do wrong. It's all greasy but in the end they win you over with their delicious range of salsas... hallelujah 

7.40 points

Nevertheless I have to add some more critics: I really hate their napkins! They are just useless. If you ever go there, mark my words! And there's their open kitchen, ... honestly I don't look there anymore while waiting...
On the other hand, you pay 1,50€ for your drinks, you will not drink any cheaper in Luxembourg.


Que Pasa
37, rue Fort Neipperg
2230 Luxembourg-Gare
Tél.: +352 49 13 41

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

CF Big Burger @ Crossfire

Hello burger lovers,

To start my quest I chose Crossfire Nordic Bar in Luxembourg. During my research I found this on Google: "The best hamburger in Luxembourg". I thought this would be a good beginning for my quest, my hopes were up.

Actually I've never been to this place before, small and cozy, really more a bar than a restaurtant, but it seemed nice to spend lunchtime among the nordic people.

On the menu they had two kinds of burgers, a small and a big burger (100 and 180gr). which were the same burgers in different sizes. The 3 of us. H. and G. and myself ordered the big one, the CF Big Burger for 11€.


The Burger wasn't as tasty as we imagined. I was quite disappointed since I really hoped for a delicious burger. I was under the impression that the meat wasn't fresh, and too well cooked in my opinion. There was bacon on it, a slice of tomato, a bit of lettuce, tasteless cheese and a so called special sauce which wasn't special at all. The buns were the regular ones, you know the white, soft and fluffy ones. At least they were toasted. I liked the fries though, they weren't homemade, but got me by being very crispy and tasty.

All in all, the 3 of us didn't really like the burger. It was OK, but nowhere above average.

5.76 is the weighted rating

new average after revisiting in May 2012 5.96


Crossfire Bar
15, rue Dicks
1417 Luxembourg
Tel: +352 49 84 31

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

the year of the burger

Hello burger lovers,

due to many requests I'll continue this blog (I always wanted to be a blogger) in English.

2011 was the year of the rabbit, as they say in China. This year will be the year of the burger! If you think Luxembourg's best kept secret will be safe, you're wrong. I will hunt down the Grand Duchy's best burger. This journey will take me from the big players (McDonald's & co) to the little less known inside joints.

Obviously, this rating will be quite subjective since I will be the one who evaluates the burgers. Nevertheless I have chosen 10 criteria to rate a burger:
  •  taste
  • quality of meat
  • the bun
  • toppings
  • fries
  • freshness
  • size
  • variation (possibilities of adaptation)
  • presentation
  • price
These criteria are more or less important, therefore they are weighted differently.

As for the burgers I'll try to choose the ones that please me most on the menu. Sure it would be easier to compare only cheeseburgers, but in some cases the cheeseburgers are low budged, and in my humble opinion not very comparable to really top-notch burgers.

No burger joint will ever be safe again.
so long

Monday, 2 January 2012



Fir d'Burger'en ze bewerten hun ech 10 méi oder manner wichteg Kriterien eräusgesicht. Dëss Kriterien gi matt engem Wichtegkeetsfaktor verrechent (normal datt de Präis net sou wichteg wei d'Qualitéit ass, awer net sou onwichteg ass, datt en  net berücksichtegt sollt gin).

  • Goût
  • Qualitéit vum Fleesch
  • Qualitéit Brout
  • D'Toppings
  • Qualitéit a Goût vun de Fritten
  • Wei frësch ass daat Ganzt
  • D'Gréisst (gëtt een saat vun engem Burger)
  • Gëtt et Variatiounen vun de Burger'en, gin Wënsch akzeptéiert
  • D'Präsentatioun
  • Präis

 U sech wollt ech nëmmen Cheeseburger'en testen, hu mech awer dogéint entscheed, a huelen den Burger op der Kaart, den mir am beschten (subjektiv) erschéngt.

D'theoretesch Basis ass geluecht ...

Sunday, 1 January 2012

op der Sich no dem beschten Burger zu Lëtzebuerg


e neit Joër, nei Zieler. Eent waat ech mir fir 2012 operluecht hun, ass den beschten Hamburger zu Lëtzebuerg ze fannen.

Eng grouss Eräusfuederung, zumols wann een bedenkt wei gär ech e gudden Burger iessen, a weivill schlechter ech scho giess hun.

Daat Ganzt gëtt natirlech eng relativ subjektiv Bewertung, probéiren dofir awer matt engem Questionnaire all dei getesten Burger'en sou objektiv wei nëmmen meiglech ze bewerten. Détailer iwwert den Questionnaire kommen no.

Halen ierch um courant