Saturday, 6 September 2014

Beef Burger @ Danish Deli

Hello burger lovers,

I just returned from Danish Deli where I’ve tried their beef burger. I know the place since I’ve walked by many times before, trying their Scandinavian pastries. I loved them and that’s when I decided to go back to enjoy their breakfast buffet, delicious.

I was tempted to try their burger during a lunch break as well. The menu reads: Danish Deli beef burger in whole grain bun with melted cheese, bacon and tomato chutney served with fried potatoes, 19€.


After a short wait my burger arrived. It looked quite good even if the plate looked a bit empty. The homemade bun was great, maybe the best ones I’ve ever had on a burger during my quest, but the small meet patty was tasteless and difficult to chew. I was a bit disappointed by the fact that I wasn’t asked about how I wanted the meat to be cooked. Their main topping, the tomato chutney, is in my opinion not the best choice for a burger. Some might like it, I don’t know if it is a Scandinavian specialty, but for me it was simply too sweet as a burger topping. Unfortunately the cheese was not melted at all (c.f. picture) and had a strange texture. Maybe the chef should look into that. The bacon was fine and crisp and vegetables were fresh. I even liked their fried potatoes but obviously I am more of a fries kind of guy. I also liked the sauce that came with the potatoes. I really appreciate the fact that Danish Deli prepares most of the ingredients themselves, but except for the buns it didn't give this burger a plus.


The weighted average for this burger is: 6.40

I am more than unhappy to give a score which doesn't fit to my expectations and experiences I've made at their place. Overall I didn’t like their burger very much and neither the fact that it is very pricey at 19€. On the other hand I have a strong recommendation for their breakfast buffet and their cinnamon rolls which are just delicious. Hopefully I will not be banned from there after my review.

Danish Deli
3, rue Beck
1222 Luxembourg (City-Centre)
Tél.: 26 20 17 36