Sunday, 18 August 2013

Burger du Moment @ Restaurant Original

Hello burger lovers,

There is a new restaurant in town. In the old WengĂ© location in the heart of Luxembourg, you'll find the Original, a two-storey restaurant. I really liked the interior design of this place. We had a table on the first floor during lunch break (busy in August) with a perfect view on the entrance. 

While consulting the menu on their homepage, I obviously decided to take their only burger on the menu: Burger du Moment (with fried onions, lettuce, tomato, Pancetta, and fries) for 18 €. I was quite happy to see that their burger was part of the "menu du jour" and got it for 12 €.


When the burger arrived, I was surprised how small it looked. The buns, yes the cheap fluffy ones :/ , were smaller than those I am used to. To be fair, the burger was quite high, and it looked delicious. The plate was nicely decorated and the staff were attentive. 
Tastewise, the beef patty was really good, for my gusto they might add a bit of seasoning to it, but overall it was good and most importantly it was fresh and it was cooked to perfection. The added toppings, fried onions, lettuce and tomato were great in taste and fresh. The Pancetta had a good taste as well. There was no sauce on the burger, due to the onions it wasn't really necessary, but they added a separate bowl of home made cocktail sauce (tasty) which you could easily put on your burger. The fries were good as well, crisp, fresh and  tasty.

I didn't like the buns and the size of the burger. But otherwise I can recommend this burger. In my opinion it is a real option for a lunch break. I wouldn't want to pay 18 € for it, but with the 12 € deal  I felt that I had a good value for my money and I was more than satisfied. The location of the restaurant in the city centre is great. This seems to be a restaurant that needs to be watched. Try it yourself!

The weighted rating for this burger is 6.94


Restaurant Original
15 Rue Louvigny 
1946 Luxembourg-Centre 
Tel.: 27 85 88 86