Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Cheeseburger @ Booster's

Hello burger lovers,

It was friday evening and I was craving a burger. I remembered a friend's advice to check a quite new sports bar which is located in Howald, not far from my home. It's called Booster's Bar and seems to be from the same owner as Bistro-M in the city centre and the well known Boos K'fé in Bridel.

The interior of Booster's reminds you of an American sports bar. We've counted 8 TV screens which all showed athletics, but later on the staff switched to poker, which didn't make them work faster. That's why I said it reminded me of a sports bar, it doesn't seem to be one. 

Booster's serves snacks, pasta and burgers. I've decided to try their cheeseburger. 


After a long wait (we were the only customers) we finally got our burgers. First I thought that they forgot the top bun, but then I discovered it under a pile of pickles and tomatoes. The buns were the soft ones I dislike. If you're a regular on my blog, you should know that by now. The cheese was nicley melted and quite creamy. The meat patty was cooked just as I ordered it, medium rare, but didn't have that much taste. The burger sauce wasn't home made, but had a good taste, kind of a cocktail sauce. The vegatebles were fresh, but I didn't touch the side of coleslaw, as I don't like it.

The highlight were the fries. I really liked them, they were thin and crispy, just the way I like them. 

All in all, it was an average burger, in an average sports bar on an average friday evening. My weighted rating is 6.01


Booster's Bar
21, rue des Bruyères
Tél.: 26 48 33 55

Monday, 23 July 2012

O'Burger @ O'Bar

Hello burger lovers,

Recently I went to O'Bar, the French expat's pub at the Place du Théâtre in the heart of the Capital. O'Bar serves a "plât du jour" but also has a small menu where you can find their burger, called O'Burger. For 15 €, which is quite expensive in my opinion, you get your burger with a serving of fries, salad and coleslaw.


The first thing I saw when I got my plate were the soggy brown fries. Okay, they were home made, but you just cannot serve this. I am sorry, but there must be someone in the kitchen who has no clue how to make fries. 

I tried to hide my dissapointment and focused on the burger. The O'Burger wasn't too small and I really appreciated the pita style bread. It was tasty and didn't soak, a good solution!. The meat patty wasn't dry and had a nice taste due to the seasoning, the quality was okay too. The cheese was niceley melted on top of the patty and was tasty as well. There was too much sauce on the burger, I guess it was some kind of sauce andalouse, which I didn't really like. There was no tomato or lettuce on the burger and I didn't know if I was meant to use the side salade as a topping for the burger. I didn't do it since it came with a dressing.
The only vegetable on the burger were onions. A lot of onions. I don't really like onions! That might be one of the reasons I didn't like the burger. If you like fried onions, this is your burger. For me it wasn't a great experience. The fries., the price, the burger sauce and the onions just didn't meet my gusto. 

Sorry O'guys, but my weighted average is 5.93


13, Place du Théâtre
2613 Luxembourg
Tél.: 26 20 23 24

Friday, 20 July 2012

Cheeseburger @ Mr Dixon

Hello burger lovers,

A friend recommended Mr Dixon to me. He tried it recently and was quite satisfied. It's located just opposite of the City Baths. As the weather was fine, which seems to be a rare occaison this summer, I decided to take the lunch on their terrace. The friendly waiter showed me through the menu, which exclusively consisted of burgers (big like). I decided to try their cheeseburger for 10 €, and if i liked it, to come back an other day  and try something more fancy, like the California Burger (with guacamole and bacon).   


When the burger arrived, it was hard for me to hide my disappointment. On first sight I saw the mellow buns (the more I eat them, the more I hate them) and the square melting cheese. So far I didn't see a big input from their side. 
The burger seemed very small to me, there was almost no lettuce on it, aswell as only one single slice of tomato. The absence of a burger sauce made the whole thing very dry, which forced me to order some extra ketchup. On the plus side I have to admit that I liked their onions. I am usually not an onion fan, but at Mr Dixon they had a nice taste. The highlight of the burger was their meat patty. It was quite small, but had a nice taste. I assume it was a mixture of beef and pork meat, which I like, as it is not as dry as 100 percent beef. The meat was fresh and nicely cooked. 
The fries weren't home made but were far from being bad. They came in a paper wrap, which I found quite nice.  

My friends might be right when they say that I am spoiled. I know exactly what I am looking for when I order a burger. Sorry Mr Dixon but you are very far from being the best burger. I would even say that I was angry while eating this burger. So much wasted potential! I really don't know why they use the cheap buns or cheese, when there is so much quality out there. I usually find 10 € not expensive for a burger with fries, but in this case I find it way too expensive.

But then again, this is only my own opinion. 5.86


Mr Dixon
5, place des Bains
1212 Luxembourg
Tél.: didn't find one

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Big Lou's @ Lou's Diner

Hello burger lovers,

today's review is about Lou's Diner in Consdorf, in Eastern Luxembourg, not far from Echternach. I didn't know this place and I would never have found it without my blog followers who recommended it to me. Cheers!

I've got lots of mails by people stating this as the best burger joint in Luxembourg. Since that is something I've heard quite a lot during the past few months, I wasn't really that excited.  

Well, I've had a nice surprise. Lou's Diner is the first real American style Diner I've seen in Luxembourg. I know there are other places, like 33 by Eric (doesn't exist anymore) or Bagels & Burgers, who try something in that direction but are just not that authentic. 

Among a wide range of burgers I chose the special, Big Lou's Burger, which has a 200gr patty of Angus beef for 7.50€ and fries for 1.50€. You have to know that I ordered the most expensive burger Lou´s menu has to offer, the regular ones start as low as 3€. Given this price, I was already a fan before even trying the burgers.


After a considerably long wait, the four of us got our burgers. They all looked really tasty. I was so hungry that I started right away, and forgot to take a picture (that's why the burger looks a bit wrecked on the photo below, my apologies for that). Anyway, there is only one word to describe this burger. Wow! The buns, made by a local bakery, were really tasty, and even if there was a lot of sauce and moisture on the burger, they didn't get soaked. The beef, American Angus beef, had a great taste and wasn't dry at all. It's been quite a time since I've been to the States, but the good burgers over there had exactly the same taste. I must admit, I forgot that taste, but it all came back in a bite, just like Proust experiences his whole childhood memories when biting into a madeleine cake in Swann´s Way. That's how Marshall Ericsson from How I met your Mother must have felt in the episode "The Best Burger in New York".

Big Lou's is served with a barbecue sauce. I am usually not a big fan of barbecue sauces, but this one was really tasty. Actually the toppings were all really good. There were two layers of cheese on the burger, one layer of cheddar and an additional layer of Swiss cheese. The lettuce was very crisp and tasted excellent. During my whole quest I didn't have one burger which was as good as this one. In my opinion it just had the perfect balance. The only drop of bitterness were the fries. I am very particular when it comes to fries. These ones were too big for my taste. Nevertheless, they weren't bad in any way.

Lou's Diner was a very nice experience. We've had a very warm welcome. I've come to know that it's a pretty new burger joint (march 2012), but I am impressed. I can only recommend this diner to everyone living in that area, visiting Echternach or everybody who is willing to travel far for a good burger.

Keep up the good work! 

The weighted rating is 8.05


Lou's Diner
33, rue Burgkapp (Camping La Pinède)
6211 Consdorf
Tél.: 26 78 41 38

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Whopper @ Burger King

Hello burger lovers,

here's a short review about Burger King's flagship, the Whopper. A year ago Burger King opened a franchise at the Aire the Wasserbillig, and has a worldwide presence in about 70 countries. Again I don't want to start the discussion about the ethical background of this burger chain, or the health issues of fast food in general. So a Whopper it was.


Compared to Quick or McDonald's flagship burgers, the Whopper looks enormous. It has a flame grilled patty, lots of lettuce, a pickle, a slice of tomato and cheese (don't forget to order that). the sauce seems to be a mix of Mayonnaise and Ketchup. I didn't like the presentation of the burger. It didn't come in a paper box as in McDonald's, but was wrapped in paper. That didn't look very tasty.

The burger itself wasn't that bad, no comparison with a homemade burger but in my opinion better than Quick or McDonalds. I know "les goûts et les couleurs..." but Burger King seems fresher to me, and I am filled after one burger, which is never the case at Quick or McDo.

To make it short, I prefer freshly made burgers but sometimes I need a quickie ;) You can have it your way and you can probably afford it. If I must eat fast food, I try to have a Burger King.

The weighted score is 5.49


Burger King
Aire de Wasserbillig
6601 Wasserbillig
Tél.: 276 971-0 (you don't need a reservation)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Cheeseburger @ Coyote Café

Hello burger lovers,

here I am, back with a brand new review. This time I tested one of "les incontournables", Coyote Café, located at the Utopolis complex in Kirchberg. Mostly visited for a pre-movie dinner or an after-movie happy hour cocktail, the place is also loved for their all-you-can-eat chicken wings evenings.

But as you have come to know me, I wasn't there for fun, but for severe criticism. Coyote Café offers you a wide range of tex-mex food, and a whole lot of burgers too. I chose their Cheeseburger with fries for 9€.


After a short wait, the cheeseburger arrived. I was surprised how big it was. When I saw the buns, my excitement vanished. Guess why, they were soft ... Nevertheless the meat patty looked nice, was big, had an attractive barbecue smell, and most surprisingly its taste was excellent. The cheese on the other hand wasn't melted at all and had no particular taste. The lettuce was drowned in a tasty burger sauce. The fries were a sorry excuse for fries. They were too soft, big and pale. The Ketchup I ordered as a side was too sweet and it had an awkward taste which i cannot describe.

To conclude, the burger wasn't bad. I was surprised by the quality of the meat, I honestly didn't expect that. It wasn't my favorite burger though, but compared to other places, you get good value for your money. 

The weighted score is 6.01


Coyote Café
45, Bvd J.F. Kennedy
Luxembourg (Kirchberg)
Tél. : 42.85.86

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