Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cheeseburger @ Snack L'Entre Deux (No Man's Land)

Hello burger lovers,

Due to many requests I went to try put a burger which is technically not on luxembourgish ground anymore. The Snack L'Entre Deux is on the french-luxembourgish border, a 5min drive from Dudelange direction France in an area called No Man's Land. That does not only sound creepy, I can assure you that it indeed was. This notorious place is usually visited by night crawlers, party people and outlaws (just kidding) late at night.

At L'Entre Deux they serve a huge variety of burgers and other snacks. I ordered a simple cheeseburger with fries for 5.50€ 


After a short wait I got my "burger". It was no real burger, but a baguette with meat, cheese and sauce inside. Optically it reminded me of Que Pasa, the latino snack bar in Luxembourg-City. The bread looked a bit pale, but was crisp and had a good taste (most likely not a luxembourgish baguette ;) ). I didn't like the meat. It was dry, had no particular taste and I doubt the freshness of it. The burger came with grated cheese, something I've never had on a burger. A good idea, but unfortunately the cheese had no taste, and it was cold upon arriving. Sadly there was neither lettuce nor tomato on my burger, this made the whole thing very dry. As a burger sauce I chose Samuraï, which is my favourite sauce, but even this couldn't save the  burger. Regrettably the fries were cold aswell when they arrived (probably due to the fact that we were sitting in a badly isolated room with no heating), which was a pity, because they seemed to have a good taste.

I can recommend this place to people who look for something greasy afer a night out. For burger lovers like me, there are different places to visit.

After a sincere evaluation, my weighted rating is 5.05


Snack L'Entre Deux (No Man's Land)

avenue Liberté
Volmerange les Mines

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Hello burger lovers,

The Schueberfouer, the well known funfair of the city of Luxembourg. Over 2 million visitors every year from the end of August to early September located at the Glacis in the heart of the city of Luxembourg. Snack stalls and rides are installed on a lenght of 3,5 kilometers.

I've decided to test some of the burgers you can get at the Fouer, as people from Luxembourg or Shoubi as my francophone colleagues call it. 

These ratings won't enter in competition with my regular tests, as you can buy these only during a few weeks a year. Consider it as a freebie I throw in for you. (Because I am such a caring and nice person :p) As I write this, the last evening of the Fouer is coming to an end, hence this review will not be very useful for you anymore, but you can try to remember my critics for your next visit in August 2013.

Cheeseburger @ La Chaumière  

Located right at the entrance I was just dragged to the stand by the smell of the grilled meat. I ordered a cheeseburger for 4.50€. No lettuce, no tomato, just a piece of dry non-tasty meat with ketchup and non-melted cheese. The bun wasn't bad at all, fresh and crisp. Even better than the buns I've had in most of the restaurants I've visited for my quest.

I didn't like the burger at all. Therefore 4.32


Cheeseburger @ Texas-Grill

This burger stand looked very authentic. I can see why people "fall" for it. On the other hand I am not here to judge the decor but find the ultimate burger. I can tell you, this cheeseburger is very far away from being on top. My most hated buns (the soft ones), and in between a tiny piece of dry meat dipped in ketchup and non melted cheese. Thumbs up for the lettuce and the slice of tomato, that's something unique at the Schueberfouer. At the end I paid 4.50€ for a very small burger, with no particular taste. 

A pity, my score: 4.94


Hamburger @ Kugener

Next to their famous Cochon-de-Lait stand, and their expensive cocktail bar, Kugener offers hamburgers. For 4€ I ordered one and hoped for a better burger than I had at the stands before. The buns were quite good, the same as in La Chaumière and the meat was not bad at all, even if it was floating in grease for quite a time. It is a bit boring to have a piece of meat with ketchup between two buns, they should add some lettuce and tomatoes. 

I can only rate what I got, therefore 5.11


Hamburger @ Chalet Au Gourmet

Next to the stand that sells Gromperekichelcher (you usually see the queue from far away) you'll find the Chalet Au Gourmet. I've had the same order, hamburger with ketchup. I was surprised, the burger had a quite big and tasty meat patty. The buns were the same as at La Chaumière and Kugener, so I wasn't unhappy. I paid 4€ and I found it a good value for my money. Of course the burger lacked of vegetables but still, I would give it a 5.24


Cheeseburger @ Blanne Jang

The cheapest cheeseburger I've had was at Blanne Jang. Unfortunately it was the worst burger as well. The beef patty had a funny taste and honestly I've had to throw half of it away. The buns were the ones I described earlier, and they were definitely the highlight of this burger. The cheese was not melted at all, as for all cheeseburgers, this one was a major dissapointment too. 3.84


As most of you might not know, I am not a big fan of the Fouer. I don't like crowded alleys, people not moving or suddenly stopping or writing text messages while walking and not watching, or the smell... and there should be a bouncer (there is just no control). But this is just me, that's why I avoid the Fouer and only visit it if courtesy or tradition expects it. 

What troubles me most is the food. I didn't feel very well after eating these burgers. It is very unhealthy eating greasy stuff while walking. I feel like Morgan Spurlock must have felt while filming his movie Supersize Me. Next year I am surely going to stick to my habit and eat a Cochon-de-Lait (Kebab) ....

Yours sincerely,