Monday, 20 January 2014

Watt's life Magazine by Enovos

Hello burger lovers,

This one was published in Enovos' Watt's life Magazine in October. So it's not really news, but still. Enjoy!


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Hot Fabrik Burger @ Fabrik

Hello burger lovers,

A short while ago Fabrik opened its doors to the public. To fill the void of a sheer emptiness between the north of the country an the capital, Mersch should be the new place to eat, drink and party. In this review I will obviously focus on the eating part. But before addressing their burgers I will describe the location and the concept the way I understand it.

The idea behind Fabrik appears quite clever, gather your clients for dinner, and don’t let them leave until the early morning hours. As a matter of fact, on weekends the location is packed, but to me it seems that they are fully booked on weekdays as well. Good for them, bad for the people not having booked a table. The one thing I didn’t like about their concept was the fact that I had to share a table with other people. Not that I am very unsocial, you just can’t discuss private stuff if you have another couple or loud teens on the second half of your table. Others may like it, maybe I have to adapt, or maybe I am just too old. At least you have been warned. Everything seems to be different in Mersch, after all you’re not in the city. 

The menu: It is huge. Fabrik serves burgers, pizzas, pasta, salads and substantial dishes like steak, schnitzels, or half a chicken. I am not a big fan of big menus, but I will admit that they are trying out some dishes and as far as I am informed there have already been made several amendments. Anyway, everybody should be able to find something on their menu, there will be no excuses.

As I was on duty I had to go with a burger. The best choice seemed to be the Hot Fabrik Burger, two patties of 160 gr of beef, two layers of cheese (swiss & cheddar), jalapeños and lettuce for 15.50€. (to be honest I opted for a single patty burger).


Optically the burger looked incredibly good. The buns were simply great (I know where they’re from and they are my favorite!). The meat was good, the cooking as desired but it lacked a bit of seasoning. The patty was quite thin so it retains the juice in order to keep it moist and juicy. I prefer two thin ones rather than a big one. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, just the way they should be. The two types of cheese were perfectly melted around the meat patty, something I sadly don’t see very often. The fries were excellent, they were not only presented very nicely in a paper cone, no, they were also crisp, warm and well seasoned. They reminded me of the ones I had at Mama Loves You. (Now that I mentioned it, there were clearly some common grounds ;) . The only real downside to this  burger was the burger sauce. The Hot Fabrik burger comes with the “Fabrik-sauce”. First of all that name doesn’t even give you a clue what you get, second of all the sauce wasn’t anything special. In my opinion a good homemade burger sauce can make all the difference, this one is at most average. I ordered all side sauces they had in the kitchen but all I got was ketchup, mayonnaise and the brasil sauce (no clue – not good).

So overall a pretty good experience. I can strongly recommend an evening at Fabrik. Regarding the burgers, with a few adjustments they could have a great burger. For now, it’s just a very good one. My weighted rating is a good 7,81. This is a 4th place just behind Urban City; I guess the different sauces and friendliness of the Urban staff made the difference for me. 


33, rue de la Gare
7535 Mersch
Tél.: 27 40 33 33