Saturday, 29 December 2012

Chili Cheeseburger @ Oscar's

Hello burger lovers,

The last days of the year are approaching, but the quest isn't over yet. This review is about Oscar's, some might know it by the former name Oscar Wilde's. Situated in the Grund, just next to Mosconi and Kamakura, someone might think that this is the culinary corner of Luxembourg. The bar has been completely refurbished, and runs under a new management.

Oscar's offers several burgers with either a hot beef patty, a regular patty or a veggie patty. I obviously went for the hot one, but added cheese and bacon (other options were blue cheese or an egg). The whole burger, with fries, salad and coleslaw, was 11,75€. A nice deal! 


From a visual point of view, the burger was a disappointment. The pressed soft fluffy buns (at least they were toasted from the inside) killed my mood instantly. The presentation of the burger wasn't nice at all. The coleslaw and salad seemed just to be smacked on the plate next to the fries. This is something I didn't appreciate since the dressing touched my fries... brrr. The fries were good, maybe a bit too big for my taste but crisp and tasty. The beef was awesome. Honestly I didn't think anything could save this burger, but the most important ingredient, the beef, was spectacular. The beef was spicy, perfectly cooked and the 250gr were just so tasteful. The cheddar cheese was nicley melt, and the lettuce was fresh. The burger sauce, which was under the lettuce wasn't noticeble though. The bacon was thin and was very well seasoned, I enjoyed it.

I was quite surprised by this burger. With a few amendments, f.ex. presentation and buns, this one has the potential of being a really good burger.

The weighted average is 7.10


Oscar's Bar
9, Bisserweg
1238 Luxembourg-Grund
26 20 30 15

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Classic Burger @ Urban Bar & Kitchen

Hello burger lovers,

Much has been said about Urban Bar. It's one of my regular spots during lunch time. They have a burger on their menu which I ignored for quite some time now. Usually I order the Inferno Burger or the Spicy Wrap, but lateley I was tempted to order their new Classic Burger. The advantage, for 13€ you get more meat and the same side dishes as if you ordered the inferno burger. I always order Jalapeños as an additional topping (fairly expensive ones for 1€). To compensate for this, I always order a bigger bowl of sauce for the fries (psshhh don't tell).


I have written lots about the Urban Burgers. In my opinion this classic burger, in combination with my chosen additional topping, is the best of their range. Great meat in a great bun. Fresh vegetables and very good fries. Their sauces, the light garlic sauce as well as the spicy cocktail sauce which is on the burger simply give the burger an additional plus. The meat has a slightly different texture as the patties from Inferno and Double Burger. Of course I don't know the details, but it tastes fresher, less compressed. The only downside is the lack of cheese. But then on the other hand, this is more of a "build your burger" style burger. The toppings are a bit expensive, but are always good.

As I mentionned, much has been said about Urban Bar. Here, or here, feel free to read the more detailed reviews.

Anyway, the weighted rating for the Classic Burger is 7.83 which is catapulting Urban Bar in a top position.


Urban Bar & Kitchen
2, rue de la Boucherie
1247 Luxembourg-Centre
Tél.: 26 47 85 78

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hambourgeois de boeuf @ Boulangerie Paul

Hello burger lovers,

There is a new bakery in town. The well known French bakery Paul has opened its doors in the centre of Luxembourg and offers, besides the usual pastries, several lunch dishes. For 10,60€ you can have their beef hamburger (150gr) with salad and fries.For 0.50€ I added some raclette cheese topping.


After a short wait, my colleagues and I received our burgers. The buns looked lovely, faluche bread which tasted really good. These were maybe the best buns in my whole quest! The big fries, or rather wedges, were well seasoned, and seemed to be made of good potatoes. The problem was that they were served cold. That's a no-go! The beef itself was dry, even though I had made sure to order it medium rare, but again I've received a well done burger... The dry beef did not have much taste, it seemed as if they didn't season it at all. On top of the burger were lettuce, pickles and a slice of tomato, everthing fairly fresh, no complaints here. The burger sauce was a sauce bernaise, which I usually like (on my steak) but this one wasn't very good. It was very watery, dripping from my burger, and had not much taste.

So where does that leave us? I would say a tasteless burger in very good buns! Dear Paul, my weighted rating is 5.75


Boulangerie Paul
3, Avenue Monterey
2163 Luxembourg (Place d'Armes)
Tél.: 26 20 05 96