Friday, 25 October 2013

Hamburger maison XXL @ Le Bistrot Gourmand

Hello burger lovers,

For quite some time "Le Bistrot Gourmand " was on my list to be rated. I've been here several times and I always found the restaurant very pleasant with it's french menu. The restaurant has been mentioned  in the Gault Millau restaurant guide and has earned a fork in 2012's Guide Michelin. Otherwise the restaurant is known for it's huge wine selection. 
Since the weather was fine and the sun was shining I and my family reserved a nice spot on their lovely terrace. This time I've ordered their only burger on the menu, the hamburger maison xxl with a side salad, coleslaw and fries for 15.50€.


After a rather long wait I've got my burger. I found it confusing to be the last served, since I was the only one ordering a medium rare. When I took a better look at the burger I've seen the reason. They simply forgot my burger in the kitchen. The cheese was totally stiff and cold and had strangely "hardened". I sent the burger back, I guess there is a first time for everything. Without a word of excuse I had lunch alone 15 minutes later, as my companions were already done eating 

The burger itself was huge. The beef was cooked a bit too long for my gusto, not the way I ordered it. It also lacked a bit of seasoning, it was nearly flavorless. This time the cheese was nicely melt and had a good taste. The buns were a catastrophe, which I actually don't tolerate in a gourmet restaurant. The home made cocktail sauce was tasty and the home made fries were good too, but I don't agree whit the people saying these were the best ones they have ever eaten. The vegetables were fresh, which is no surprise in such a restaurant. 

Overall I found the burger to be too packed. Taste wise I didn't find it exceptional, it was quite okay but I thought it lacked a bit of taste. I've had high hopes and I was disappointed in the end. I can still recommend this restaurant, but personally I wouldn't go with the burger again.   

The weighted score is 6.47


Le Bistrot Gourmand

77 W√§istrooss 
5440 Remerschen (Remerschen) 

Tel.: 26 66 57 93

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Cheeseburger maison @ Restaurant E'slecker Stuff "Beim Hunn"

Hello burger lovers,

It's been too long since my last review. This one is about a restaurant called "beim Hunn" in the north of the country, in Wahlhausen. I would say it's a long trip from everywhere you live, but the journey might be worth it.

The restaurant specialized in meat dishes, welcomes you with an open char-grill which you have to pass to get to your table. Oh what a wonderful smell and I really would have preferred a steak instead of a burger. Their menu is huge, the restaurant offers everything from pizza to spare ribs (I've heard they are great). But since I am on a mission I decided to order the cheeseburger maison. For 15,50€ you will get a 200gr beef burger with a side salad and home made fries.


After a short wait, I got my burger. It wasn't love at first sight since the buns were disappointing, but I've been told and shown that they work on better ones. The beef was just great. Excellently seasoned, and grilled to perfection. The cheese was nicely melt and the vegetables were fresh. The side sauces were quite disappointing since I've been expecting home made ones. That would have been better to dip in the excellent home made fries. 

Overall the burger was really good. Due to the quality ingredients and the size (I was more than full in the end) I did not regret to have taken the burger instead of the steak. (Okay that was a lie, I am craving a steak!)

The weighted score of this burger is a nice 7.40

Please make sure to book your table in advance if you plan to go on a weekend. The restaurant was simply packed! But if you're in the area, just make a stop, they might squeeze you in.


Restaurant E'slecker Stuff "Beim Hunn"

37 Am Duerf 
9841 Wahlhausen (Wuelessen)

Tel.: 92 16 21