Sunday, 2 June 2013

Smuggler's Hamburgermenu @ The Smuggler's Inn

Hello burger lovers,

Recently I've had the opportunity to test a burger in an area where I usually don't find myself that often. I got several messages on my FB page that recommended The Smuggler's Inn in Diekirch. You can find the Inn at "Camping Op Der Sauer", a place which seems to be highly visited by locals. I ordered their only burger on the menu, the Smugglers Hamburgermenu with additional toppings of bacon and cheese. The Hamburgermenu included a bowl of fries and was priced at 10,5€. 


To be honest, the presentation of the burger was a bit strange to me. It came on a funny plate and the vegetable toppings (pickles and tomato) were on the side in separated compartments. The fries came in a big  bowl, which was a good solution, since the plate wasn't overloaded.

Starting with the fries, I didn't like them, they were too chunky and did not have much taste. The cheese was nicely melted, but it seemed to me that it was that processed cheese which you can use for your home made croque monsieur. Don't be shocked, that's all the negatives I have for today. The bun was excellent, as far as I remember it was made from ciabatta bread and it just tasted really good. The beef patty was really good aswell, I am not sure if it was 100% beef, there might be a part part porc in it, which is a good solution to alter the taste and avoid the patty becoming too dry. Additionally, there were fried onions in the patty. Actually, at home I prepare my burgers in a similar way. (Believe me, they are great ;) ) The bacon was crisp and had a wonderful taste! I would have been happier if I had a wider selection of sauces (at the moment only Ketchup and Mayonnaise), maybe even homemade sauces. That's something Smuggler's Inn should look into. 

All in all I had a nice dinner. I was satisfied with the burger and it was great value for the price. If you're in the Diekirch area, go to The Smuggler's Inn and have that burger!

My weighted average is 7.01

The Smuggler's Inn
Route de Gilsdorf
Tel.: 80 85 90