Friday, 30 November 2012

Article @ Lëtzebuerger Journal

Hello burger lovers,

Please feel free to read the latest article about my burger quest. Thanks Simon Larosche for this nice one!

Lëtzebuerger Journal - Burger Quest

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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Uewer-Sauer-Mega-MexicanBurger @ Café Uewersauer

Hello burger lovers,

This sunday I was finally able to visit Café Uewersauer in Bauschelt. Many people recommended this restaurant to me as their burger could potentially be the best one in Luxembourg. As the Café Uewersauer is high up in the north of the country, and as I drove all the way just for a burger, you can imagine that my expectations were high. Anyhow, after a warm welcome (somebody was expecting me), I've placed the following order: Uewer-Sauer-Mega-MexicanBurger with fries and a salad for 12€, nice name, nice price. By the way, they do have a very nice menu, loads of very interesting dishes.


After quite a wait I finally got my burger. It was served on a plate with fries and a bowl of mixed salad. The fries were a bit to thick for my taste, when serving frozen ones, I prefer the thin ones. Tastewise they were okay, they just could have used some more salt on top. The burger itself was nicely shaped, and the buns were nice aswell. If  you follow my blog regurlary you'll know that the buns are one of my most important criteria. These passed my test, simply by being fresh and tasty. I wasn't quite satisfied with the beef patty though. Even though the quality was good, 100% beef, I got a well done burger instead of the medium rare that I ordered and therefore the meat was too dry for my taste. The toppings of my MexicanBurger were really good. I enjoyed that this burger was spicy (that's what others often claim, but in reality you just get a little spiced up burger). The burger sauce was tasty and topped with shredded jalapeños, a good alternative to entire jalapeño rings. The lettuce was a bit hidden under the beef, right on top of the tomato, which was so watery that it soaked the lower part of my bun and therefore making it very hard to eat (sigh). I would have prefered the tomato on the upper part of the burger. 

The cheese was nicely melt and tasteful (gouda) which made it a real good burger.

All the people that are in the area, please visit Café Uewesauer and order as many burgers as you can eat. You'll get a fresh one for a reasonable price, and they have a huge variety. 

The weighted rating for this one will be 7.43, but I see lots of potential. With a bit of improvement, their burgers could easily be among the top 5. Keep up the good work.


Café-Restaurant Uewersauer
34, rue Jérôme de Busleyden
9639 Boulaide 
Tél.: 26917088

Friday, 23 November 2012

visiting RTL's radio show Spogen vs. Biver

Hello burger lovers,

Today I had the please of being invited to RTL's radio show "Spogen vs. Biver". As you can imagine the main theme was my burger quest. Please take a look at the pictures, or listen to the audio file, if you weren't able to catch the show.


RTL I love my burger audio file


Many thanks to Dan, Luc and Laurent

Monday, 5 November 2012

watch out for the stickers

Hello burger lovers,

watch out for the brand new I love my burger stickers. They will shortly be displayed at the reviewed burger joints.

special thanks to Tessy for designing these stickers.

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