Monday, 9 January 2012

Farmer Burger @ Independent's Café

 Hello burger lovers,

starting the week with a good burger sounds promising. Actually burgers have a pretty poor image, it’s hard to untangle them from the words Fast Food. Fast Food has a bad reputation, usually it's quickly done, cheap, bad quality and not healthy.
With the promise of a much healthier and fresh burger the Independent Café, called Indie's, proves that a burger can be made out of quality ingredients. The burger's meat is organic, the home-made buns are ciabatta-style.

Several friends told me that this spot would be the best burger joint in Luxembourg. I was eager to find out and went there with two of my colleagues H & M (like the retail store, only better).

We all ordered the same dish, a Farmer Burger for 10,5€. M. noted that the burger is female friendly since there were a lot vegetables on the plate, and the fries had to be ordered separately (2,5 €).


On first sight, the package looked really good. The vegetables on the plate had a nice color and were really fresh. The fries were crispy, but not special in any way. The burger itself had bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and peppers on it. The meat (160gr.) can be described in one word: heaven! I am pretty confident that i will not find better meat on any burger during my quest. The organic beef was grilled near perfection, couldn't have done it any better myself. On the other hand I was disappointed with the bacon topping, it was squashy instead of being crispy, more like warm ham. The cheddar had no particular taste, but was creamy. The vegs and lettuce were fresh. A knockdown was the non existent sauce on the burger. First I thought they just forgot it, but my fellow burger lovers had none on theirs either... dear Indie's that's a no-go! The buns were home-made but I didn't like their taste that much, but I found them better than the soft ones, and it was different, so I could live with it.

Beside the lack of sauce, it was a great burger which in my opinion has the potential of being the best one in Luxembourg. With some adjustments (c.f. sauce) this could be easily done. I also value the freshness of the burger.

7.74 is the weighted rating


Independent Café
6, boulevard F.D. Roosevelt
2450 Luxembourg-Centre
T. 27 47 87 78

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  1. you order the sauce(s) seperately (free of charge)! they should have asked you when taking your orders - their fault really!