Friday, 8 March 2013

Cheese Bacon Burger @ Bistro Borderline by Bootik Hotel

Hello burger lovers,

There we go for my first review in 2013.

I've been contacted by a fellow burger lover to test a quite new restaurant just opposite the railway station in Luxembourg. The restaurant is called Bistro Borderline, and is part of the newly refurbished Bootik Hotel. The pictures and critics on were positive, so was I.

The restaurant has a positive vibe, I really liked the interior, their new clean design aswell as their open kitchen in the corner. The menu looked nice aswell, newspaper style, but more importantly the dishes all sounded worth a try. As I was on my burger mission, I ordered their burger.  The Cheese Bacon Burger, medium rare with fries for 15€. 


When the burger arrived I was both surprised that the presentation was very nice (tomato on top) and disapointed that they used the standard hamburger buns. The fries were no highlight as their cut was too big, but I've had worse. The toppings were good, pickles and tomato (no lettuce) were fresh and their homemade burger sauce (cocktail-ish) was really tasty. The roasted onions were not bad at all and the bacon was crisp and savory aswell. The cheese was nicely melt around the 200gr beef patty. Speaking of the beef, it was great, it was fresh, it was tasty and it was cooked to perfection. Honestly, I was surprised. The downside, my buns were soaked and I had to finish my burger with fork and knife (which is a no-go by the way).

Regarding the quantity, the quality of the fries and buns and considering the competition on the burger market  I think that the Cheese Bacon Burger might be a bit too expensive. As it is linked to a hotel, I can understand their prices, but on the other hand it will be difficult to attract locals or working people from the neighborhood. Nevertheless the beef was tasty and of a high quality, plus their burger sauce made this burger kind of special.

I can recommend it!
The weighted rating is 7.03


Bootik Hotel - Bistro Borderline
4, rue Joseph Junck
1839 Luxembourg Gare
Tél.: 27 49 93 1

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