Thursday, 2 August 2012

Double San Diego Burger @ Fonzie's Diner

Hello burger lovers,

A colleague of mine kept asking me now for quite a while to try Fonzie's Diner in Limpertsberg. What I've read so far about Fonzie was promising, and I was looking forward to his burger. The restaurant is aiming to look like a 50's American Diner, which is the case on first sight. I really liked their black and white chequered floor and turquoise leather chairs, but too many elements like the London clock, the Betty Boop poster or the French hip-hop music with video-clip on the big flat screen didn't give me an authentic 50's vibe.

I ordered the double San Diego burger (10.50 with a diet coke and fries), not only because that's my favourite American city, but mainly because that's how they call their cheeseburger. Beside a wide range of burgers, Fonzie serves sandwiches, nuggets and mikshakes.


I was very dissapointed when I received the burger. The buns - fail!. Even though I ordered a double burger, it was very small. It had about the same size as a McDonald's Big Mac, and the meat looked and tasted the same. It was very thin, dry and it didn't seem seasoned at all. I wasn't under the impression that I was dealing with fresh meat. I ordered mustard and ketchup as burger sauces, and non of them had a good taste. Maybe I am used to Heinz Ketchup, but this one had a peculiar taste (not in a good way). The thin frozen fries, the ones I usually I like were a bit too crisp. The burger toppings were not that great. The lettuce didn't look very fresh and the slice of tomato was very small. The few small pieces of onion couldn't add a plus to this burger.At least the cheese was nicely melted and tasty.  

Fonzie's Diner was a huge dissapointment in every possible way. I am aware that their main target audience are pupils and students, as the university and a multitude of schools are just around the corner. These people might be attracted by the low prices (burgers start at 3 €). 

As I am a huge fan of quality burgers, and that's what my quest is all about, I had no other choice as to rate this burger with a very low score of  5.55


Fonzie's Diner
139 Avenue du Bois
1250 Luxembourg-Limperstberg
Tél.:  621 239 494

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