Thursday, 30 April 2015

Lou is back

Hello burger lovers,

Lou's Diner closed down its Consdorf location on the 22nd of February with the plan to reopen just a few kilometres down the road, in Beidweiler. It made sense, the old location was too far off but more importantly, the kitchen was not the standard to serve the masses of people coming to pay a visit and dig into Lou's burgers.

66 days of deprivation

When you step onto the new location you might think that Steven, the owner of Lou's Diner, didn't choose his opening date by accident. The design of the new diner clearly brings a Route 66 gas station to mind. Coincidence? You decide.

When I arrived at 6 o'clock, the big parking lot was full and the patio was already crowded; it seemed as if I weren't the only one impatiently waiting for the reopening.

The Menu

I don't recall any major differences to the old menu, the chicken nuggets are back though! Good news.
But then it hit me. Big Lou and Lou La Peño were not on the menu! I was shocked, and actually still am. My number 1 and 2 burgers in Luxembourg didn't make the cut. Luckily I have been assured that Big Lou will be back as a seasonal suggestion, I better not miss that.

I alternatively ordered a Cheeseburger with the famous jalapeño sauce.

My critics

Before I criticise I want to back up and explain something. A few weeks ago I was involved in a major restaurant opening in Limpertsberg. I have learned that the first day should not be seen as indicator, neither from the owner's nor from the customer's point of view. Critics hit us hard during that first week and I personally found them unfair and not really constructive. Good things need time, there is no shortcut to success.

Today I felt compassionate with Steven. His diner was crowded and people had to wait hours for their burgers. Mine took them 1 hour and 40 minutes. I am sure it wasn't fun being in the kitchen today, getting accustomed to a new bigger kitchen, train new staff and having no time to chat with old friends and regular customers.

It won't do any good if I tell you that I didn't like my burger today. The beef was dry and the sauce far from being hot. Today I won't hold any grudge for that. I only promise that I'll be back soon, and that day I will have my sharp pen ready.

cu soon

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